Attention Coeliac’s of London, its finally happened. After 10 years of providing London (and most of the UK) with fantastic Craft Lager, IPAs, APAs, Low-Alcohol and even No-Alcohol beer, Beavertown has finally added a gluten free option to its stable of products.

Beavertown Critical Mass IPA packs in all the hoppy flavours of a traditional IPA but thankfully has none of the gluten.

We Coeliac’s have traditional had to resort to cider or one of a handful of gluten free beers from massive companies, now we can also enjoy a craft beer from North London’s favourite craft brewery.

Home delivery made getting them a breeze, after placing my order I was drinking a cold beer the following evening, and at just £25.00 a dozen Beavertown has avoided the dreaded gluten free mark up so many companies use to up the prices of its products.

Do yourself a favour this festive season and order a dozen today or send some to a Coeliac friend as a gift, the bright and eccentric artwork that the brand is also known for is all over its packaging when you receive your order, I certainly felt like I was opening a gift.

By Rodney Williamson

Insta: rod_the_barber_