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Behind the Brand: Craving Coffee

The area around Tottenham Hale and Seven Sisters is not exactly known for its cool bars, luxurious restaurants or buzzing nightlife, and as a resident I know we would like to keep it that way.

However the only way for any place to grow and prosper is to introduce change. Change can often be met with skepticism and resistance, and I agree that sometimes change isn’t a good thing. Yet I believe that the arrival of Craving Coffee to the warehouse community is a great addition to the neighbourhood.

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Partners Rachel and Matt Ho are dab hands in the coffee and events industry. I met with Rachel and had a chat about their new coffee shop project. Cool, chilled and a passionate about the business (apparently old colleagues used to make her sit on her own as she chatted too much!) Rachel explained the duos previous experience with events and coffee, plus their deep love of this North London hangout.

“We’ve been trying to secure a place in Tottenham for ages, and had our eyes on the old fire station. But now we are really glad to have somewhere to set up shop, everyone’s really cool. The other guys that work in the building are awesome!”

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As residents of Tottenham Hale, the guys are passionate about making the area prosperous. Not looking to ignite a pretentious hipster bar, the chaps are just supplying a demand for coffee, croissants and a place for the work at home chaps to take a break. There are no independent coffee shops/brunching spots/event venues to be found round these parts, so why not cater for a baying crowd?

And the guys have made the place effortlessly cool. Still warehouse by nature, they’ve created a clean, bright and airy space. Plus the scrummy Flourish Craft Bakery pastries, crusty Sourdough bread and intermittent grinding of coffee beans supplied by Weenie Beans just add to its allure.

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I think the residents anxiety of Seven Sisters becoming the next Dalston or a Shoreditch is overshadowing this great opportunity to embrace something new and exciting. To be absolutely honest living in a warehouse is seen as, dare I say it, ‘trendy’ already. However Seven Sisters will never be Shoreditch as the brilliant creative minds here do not follow the norm. They do their own thing and generally keep themselves to themselves.

Its time to embrace this new place, run by a couple of creative, knowledgeable, innovative folks. At last there is somewhere I can take my folks for a coffee when they visit, or meet some chums to chill or goodness knows even attend an evening supperclub!


With evenings including beer tasting with the Beavertown Brewery (@BeavertownBeer) guys, to some cheeky chomp with the Grill My Cheese (@Grill_my_cheese) gang; the duo have got some exciting times ahead! But don’t worry everything will be fine by 11pm as there are residents about! See a full listing of their events here.

Once this taboo is overcome the sky’s the limit for Craving Coffee!

Just no fixies or handle bar moustaches please……….. 😀


Reporter: Aspen Glencross @GollumCrackCorn 



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