Benito’s Birthday Celebrations

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Benito’s Hat, happy birthday to you.

This month sees Benitos hat turn 10 and we for one at Onin.London feel a decade worth of burritos is worth celebrating. Starting on 12th July there will be 10 days worth of fiesta at all Benito’s Hat locations.

Founders Ben Fordham and Felipe Fuentes Cruz started Benito’s Hat in a small store in Goodge Street, London. Their mission was to bring simple, fresh authentic and modern Mexican food to the UK. The company has expanded to a number of locations around the UK with a plan to open four more in 2019. To ensure the company stays true to its mission Cruz is based in Mexico to keep up-to-date with the latest trends and in Mexico. An interesting fact is that Benito’s Hat takes its name from Benito Juárez, a Mexican politician in the late 19th century who had a penchant for bizarre hats.

Benito’s Hat prides itself on simple, fresh, tasty and quick food. The traditional menu focuses around burritos (wrapped and naked) and tacos. It now also includes antojitos (Mexican tapas) and a salsa bar.

We sampled a number of tostadas with different toppings. The beef brisket barbacoa with onion coriander and smoked chipotle salsa was really tasty and we ended up going back for more of these. The lamb barbacoa with onion, coriander, avocado salsa and lime juice, and the chicken tikka with sour cream, onion and coriander both were too salty for our tastes. Our least favourite dish was spicy shrimps with chipotle garlic mayo, salsa and lettuce as it did not seem fresh and was quite bland in flavours. Jalapeño tofu with pineapple salsa and guacamole had a great kick in terms of flavours.

Benito’s Hat has a range of fresh and frozen margaritas. We sampled the classic, watermelon and pomegranate margaritas. The classic helped us get on the mood of a Mexican fiesta with its generous helping of alcohol, while the latter two had more of a laidback summer feel perfect for after work drinks or summer weekends. We still can’t decide which was our favourite as they were all delicious. Red and white wine and a selection of beers are also served.

Benito’s Hat is a warm inviting vibrant street food scene. We were at the Covent Garden restaurant which had some tables along a wall and a communal bench in the middle great for socialising and a more casual dining experience. When the Mariachi band began playing everyone was up on their feet or clapping along.

Why not pop into Benito’s Hat and try a breakfast taco, grab a quick bite for lunch or indulge in a margarita or two in the evening. If you want more incentive to go, then there’s a once in a lifetime trip to Mexico to be won. Hurry as this is only open until 31st August. For terms and conditions of this competition and for the schedule of events during the birthday celebrations, please see the below information.


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Twitter: @BenitosChat


Written by Caitlin Neal