Between the Sheets Reviews

2. BTS live Polly group Al Veryard 1750pxMiss Polly Rae is famed for bringing burlesque to London’s West End in The Hurly Burly Show before continuing her reign at London’s iconic Hippodrome Casino with the Soho Burlesque Club. Miss Polly Rae has become internationally renowned for her unique style of striptease and song.

Whether you are a burlesque virgin or have been to quite a few in the past, it is a must see event. Miss Polly Rae and her performers put on a spectacular show. I myself have only seen one cabaret show, over 12 years ago. It was nothing in comparison. These entertainers know exactly what we want and deliver it perfectly.

Between the sheets is all about getting a little bit naughty, a little risqué and delving into the mind of Miss Polly’s fantasies. It consists of stunning costumes, tantalising dance routines, along with the story of Lilly Snatchdragon’s mission to find herself a man. There’s also much, much more.

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The show gets rather heated not only with the very seductive dance routines but with the remarkable fire performances,and those guys with the washboard abs that you just want to run your hands all over… oh yeah, they’re in there too and you are completely hypnotized watching every muscle pop as they shake their behind.  It is hot, sexy, and comedic at times, downright dazzling and it will definitely have you screaming for more.

4. BTS live boys duo Al Veryard 1750px

It may also make you want to take up a burlesque class and learn how to move the way they move. Although sometimes I feel like some people ooze sex appeal and just make it look effortless.

What are you waiting for, book those tickets NOW! You will not regret it!

Confirmed dates at Underbelly Festival include

Thursday July 20th – 21:30

Friday August 4th – 21:30

Friday August 18th – 21:30

Friday August 25th – 21:30

Friday September 8th – 21:30

Friday September 29th – 21:30

Tickets: http://www.underbellyfestival.com/whats-on/miss-polly-rae

Underbelly Festival, Belvedere Road, London, SE1 8XX

Facebook: misspollyrae, Instagram: @misspollyrae, Twitter: @themisspollyrae

Written by Bec Brodie

Instagram: @beki_b