HipChips Review

HipChips X Gordon's 3When I first heard of Hipchips I must admit I scoffed at the idea. A restaurant serving crisps or chips if you’re an Aussie. Was this a restaurant doomed to fail or a hip fad that would last! Thankfully it’s been the latter and the creator of Hipchips is a genius! Giving diners the option of sweet chips (coated in cinnamon) or salty chips, with a range of sweet or savory dips is like laying the pavers to the stairway to heaven. We chose the large salty chips (£11.95) with three sweet and three savoury dips! Defitnely the way to go. I was large enough for two or three people to share. Picture an arm size box of chips and that’s what you have.

HipChips X Gordon's 2

There really is too many choices to choose from! With dip flavours like asparagus and Parmesan, cheese fondue and lime tart, can you blame us? Luckily staff were happy to give us a taste test of some of the dips before we made our final decisions. We decided to go with the following Beetroot, Gordon’s gin and feta, Gordon’s gin, lime cheese cake, Katsu curry, Moroccan yogurt, Creme brûlée and Chocolate mousse with salted caramel.

Holy moly! These were fabulous! Actually let’s throw a few more !!!!!! In there. The combination of the salty chips with both the sweet and sav

HipChips X Gordon's

oury dips was amazing. The sweet especially. These flavours shouldn’t work but they do. Chocolate mousse and chips shouldn’t go together but they do like peanut butter and jam.

We struggled to choose which one was our favourite dips because each bite had our taste buds tingling. The Gordon’s Gin dips had to top the list and as they’re only available for a limited time only, you really need to try them.

Hipchips is located on Old Compton Street in Soho so it’s easy to get to from Tottenham Court Road Station. We loved our visit and we’re sure you will to.

Reporter: Tegan LeBon

HIPCHIPS Opening times 

Monday – Thursday 12pm – 10pm Friday & Saturday 12pm – 11pm Sunday 12pm – 8pm

49 Old Compton Street, Soho, W1D 6HL Available for instore purchase and online order

For more details, visit
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