Big Outdoor Cinema Presents Jaws

Big outdoor cinema

First off, Jaws is my favourite film of all time so this event couldn’t really have failed. But watching my favourite film on a roof terrace with forty other people with a free cocktail and popcorn upon arrival and you’ve basically given me my second Christmas this year. For just £3 guests also got an attentive waitress bringing drinks to their seat and a selection of fish-themed food.

I said that the event couldn’t have failed but actually it could have done very easily – with bad sound or poor projection… that would have been like letting me excitedly unwrap my Christmas presents then Santa throwing the presents into a coal fire. Thankfully both sound and projection were excellent. I believe they were playing the Dolby digital-restored copy of Jaws (I’m a not-so-closeted movie geek) so the audio was very crisp.

My favourite part of the night was when half the audience jumped in fright when Richard Dreyfus’s character Hooper becomes startled by a severed head inside an upturned boat. I’ve seen this scene fifty times and I still jumped too.  I also enjoyed the fact one audience member kept cheering every time the shark ate someone. He seemed to identify more with the man-eating predator than the humans and looked genuinely sad when the Great White exploded at the end.

Overall an excellent night and I hope the Big Chill House does more movie nights. I also hope they one day make a good sequel to Jaws… perhaps inspired by this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dcAYb-w5oVY

Written by Gareth Brown | @GarethBrown26

Gareth is a writer on our collaborative story High Society. The latest part can be read here: http://oninonline.com/high-society-dalton-chp-4/

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