Bird & Blend Iced Tea

Looking to get healthy this summer? Then put down those boozy cocktails and cool off with a refreshing iced tea instead. Bird & Blend, have recently launched a creative range of infusions perfect for iced tea and cold brew, designed to be served chilled.

Bird & Blend offers up an incredible range of creative tea concoctions, which include herbs, flowers, fruits, caramels and chocolates. Which are designed to be served cold, perfect for those summer nights. Below is just a taster of what you can find online:
Strawberry Lemonade comes filled with real strawberry chunks, tangy lime leaves and zesty orange peel.

Blue Raspberry is a blend of Chinese Sencha green tea, freeze-dried raspberry pieces and butterfly blue pea flowers, which turns the cuppa naturally bright blue.
Peach Soda is a fruity combo filled with apple pieces, hibiscus, cardamom, rose petals, freeze-dried peach and orange peel.
Brewing an iced tea may sound daunting, but its pretty damn easy! Simply add a few scoops of your chosen Bird & Blend tea to boiling hot water and leave it to steep for a few minutes before chilling in the fridge. Then, pour over ice and enjoy, simple and satisfying!
Not sure what blend of tea to start with? Opt for the gift box, where you can choose five different flavours. And if you’re feeling really fancy, pick up a cold brew tea bottle, it’s stylish and just the thing to keep your drink cool.