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Bombay Sapphire Has Your Drink Needs Covered This Festive Season

Whether you are a seasoned dinner party host or a first-timer hoping to impress your guests, hosting at home is a skill that can always be refined.

Gin expert and BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Senior Brand Ambassador Sam Carter has provided his top tips for hosting the ultimate night in.

Step 1: Plan your cocktail menu

Choose the right cocktails for the occasion and have a well-balanced cocktail menu. Think a menu of long and short drinks; strong and weak; bright and clear; deep and fruity; anything to create a bit of variety. Look at different methods of making cocktails, such as shaking (Aviation) , stirring (Bombay Sapphire Dry Martini) , building (Bombay Sapphire and Tonic), “thrown” (Bombay Mary) and blended. Though stick to only one spirit per cocktail. We recommend Gin of course! There’s a classic bartenders’ rhyme to remember a well-balanced cocktail – 1 part sweet, 2 parts sour, 3 parts alcohol and 4 parts weak. A great example of this is the classically delicious Tom Collins

For ginspiration, you can check out other delicious Bombay Sapphire cocktail recipes, including The Laverstoke, here.

Step 2: Be creative with your equipment

You don’t have to be a professional bartender to make a great cocktail and you don’t have to have fancy bar equipment.  Grab a large chopping board, serrated knife, egg cup to measure liquid ingredients in parts, a chopstick to stir, a juicer and a Kilner jar to shake, and you’ve got a workable set of cocktail-making equipment without even realising it! 

Also use a range of different glassware… highballs, tumblers, champagne flutes, small and large stemmed wine glasses, balloons, martinis, coupettes… – it’ll sure impress your guests!

Top tip: you always need more ice than you think. Buy twice as much as you think you need for well-made drinks.  

Step 3: Get your guests mixing

Stick your recipes to the wall above your chosen bar area or write them up on a chalk board so that your guests can get involved and have a go themselves. 

Step 4: Consider batched cocktails for ease

Batched cocktails are a super-efficient way of making consistent cocktails for any entertaining occasion. They can be made by multiplying the individual servings of the liquid ingredients by the number of people at your party and combining them in a large container so that you’ve made enough for everyone, simply divide into individual glasses. They save you time in the kitchen while leaving you to do the more important stuff – entertaining your guests and enjoying a great cocktails at the same time. 

Or the easiest way…

Step 5: Simply pick up your smartphone to get cocktails delivered to your door

This weekend on the 8th December cocktail lovers in London and Brighton will be able to order three creative cocktail kits via the Deliveroo app, designed especially for the festive season. Choose between the BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Mule, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Mary, or BOMBAY SAPPHIRE G&T. Each of the kits will be priced at £20 and only available as pre-orders with a 90-120 min delivery time. Perfect for that festive party you’re planning!

Even better, within the first hour of the Deliveroo app launch, the first two customers will win an exclusive opportunity for a BOMBAY SAPPHIRE mixologist to come to their home and host the ‘ultimate night in’. The mixologist will use the kit and additional items to create the festive serves for attending guests.

If these tips have inspired you to get creative, tag your concoctions on social media with @bombaysapphireuk and #StirCreativity.


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