Princi Pizza – Bringing the spirit of Milan to the heart of Soho

Cheesy title huh? But it’s actually rather fitting. ‘Spirito di Milano’ is Princi’s slogan and I tell you what I almost felt like I’d stepped into Milan!

Hello Princi
Hello Princi

Located on the bustling Wardour Street in Soho, Princi is a buzzing Milanese bakery/pizzeria. As soon as you enter the smell of freshly baked pizza oozes from the oven. The counter is overflowing with an array of cakes, Italian breads and pastries.

So upon arrival you have two options.

Steer right into the more bakery, light eatery side. Here you can indulge in mezze teamed with decadent wines. Think olives, bruschetta & cured meats. Follow this with almondy Cannoncini or succulent Frangipanes.

The pizza looks amazing!!
The pizza looks amazing!!

Steer left and enter the pizzeria restaurant. With pooosh waiting staff and smell wafting pizza oven.

As I was in the company of old friends we opted for the restaurant, and a table seat (little bit more social) over a people watching window one (would be really cool if there was only two of you). So we were led to our seats by a lovely Italian waiter (all the waiters spoke Italian, it was ace like being on your holz!) and presented with a menu hosting an array of what I call PROPER pizzas. None of this American spicy beef or BBQ chicken malarky, I’m talking olives, capers and meats that I’ve never heard of

You can't beat a stone baked oven
You can’t beat a stone baked oven

As my Italian is a little rusty (sorry did I say rusty? I mean my vocab consists of ciao!) the waiter politely explained a few things on the menu. Bresaola (beef) and Coppa (the back leg of pork) are my new words of the week

So my two mates opted for the veggie selection and I (wishing to use some of my new found words) opted for the Coppa, which teamed cured pork leg with mozzarella, tomato and rocket (@britalianjob got me on the rocket @backyardcinemas !). They had a couple of beers and I pushed the boat out and errr went for tap water…….I was saving myself for a post dinner cocktail, don’t judge!

So the pizza was freshly baked and didn’t take long at all! Before we knew it, these bad boys were handed over to us!

princi9princi8They were proper good, like the ones from when you actually visit Italy. None of this stodgy Dominoes riff raff (yes we all know they taste good, but you feel a little bit dirty after you’ve polished off a large one to yourself…..). The pork added a well nice saltiness to it, the rocket all peppery and it was slathered in mozzarella. Drool-tacualr! Think the chums enjoyed theirs too.

They were pretty beasty too! Mine actually defeated me! Wasn’t impressed, thankfully the waiter offered me a doggy bag before I even asked

Doggy Bag!
Doggy Bag!

A little note that I thought was rather cool, they had incense burning in the loos! The smell wafted around and was well nice, and all the loos were clean and wooden and ahhh I want my bathroom like them. I did try and take a pic but there was a queue and I started to get some funny looks……..


Nosh: Top notch. Proper pizzas, a thin base in the middle with puffy edges, slathered in mozzarella, chili oil and great toppings. A good choice, not overwhelming but suited all tastes. Only downside were the edges were a little bready (which was fine as I was hungry!) 8/10

Dollar Dollar: For pizza in London a little on the high side. HOWEVER this is good pizza, like proper good, so you pay for what you get. The Coppa was £11.50 and the Mediterranea was £10, so not breaking the bank. 7/10

Vibe: Really buzzing especially for a Monday. I’d like to go back and try the window seats with the mezze and cakes! Also the attention to detail was really cool, the incense in the toilets etc. really made it nice.

But apparently it gets rammed and the tables are quite close so movement could get a bit hairy! 8/10

Team Cohesion: The waiting staff were really friendly and helpful. Attentive but not on your back. It added to the allure that they were all Italian, and greeted you with ‘ciao!’ the only prob was ordering sometimes got a little hard. But we definitely tipped 8/10 

Notes: I totally want to go back to try the focaccia pizza and desserts!!!

After Hours?

Head round the corner for a cheeky cocktail at Carom Botanical Gin Garden, hosted in Floridita.

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Princi serves Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner every day of the week. They also provide a take-away service and party platters.

135 Wardour Street



Or if you’re feeling really keen visit one of their chomping stations in Milan, thats how authentic it is.

princi mapClosest tube: Oxford Street (Victoria line, Bakerloo line, Central line)