Brasserie Blanc Christmas menu review

Brasserie Blanc – Threadneedle Street London

A far cry from a traditional Christmas dinner in a pub, walking in to Brasserie Blanc on Threadneedle Street, you could feel Christmas in the air despite the sleek, modern setting. Twinkling strings of lights in the windows, complimenting the black and gold tones that grace the space all year round. We heard crackers popping at what looked like a works Christmas do, bringing a smile to my face.

I was excited for my first Christmas dinner of the year and perused the menu over a glass of pinot. There was of course the obligatory traditional options, but these were mixed in with some more contemporary favourites. The menu was the perfect reflection of the restaurant, old elegance mixed in with some modern-day class.

I ordered the winter vegetable fritter to begin. A fluffy inside with a crispy outer coating, it had a strong chili kick which is something I really cherish in a meal. Served with a spiced pumpkin puree, we commented that it was essentially a super posh bhaji. My guest went for the corn soup which didn’t sound particularly excited, but was delicious, a super creamy warmer ideal for this cold wintery night.

The mains section featured: free range bronze roasted turkey, seared hake fillet, slow cooked beef cheek and duck cassolet, but I went for something totally non-traditional, wild mushroom and truffle risotto. I can’t resist wild mushrooms, nor can I resist truffle, so this was pretty much a given. Super creamy and cooked to perfection, they had got the rice bang on, which can be a bit hit or miss sometimes. Fresh fleshy mushrooms with a sprinkle of pine nuts and some light garnishing, finished off with a dollop of cream in the middle, the chef had really got it right. Special points for just the right amount of truffle oil, which is a difficult balance to strike, as just a tad too much can be overpowering and can completely ruin a meal.

I chose to finish off with something, again, completely non-traditional. A chocolate and citrus orange cup served with chocolate mousse, mascarpone and crumble. It was rich, really rich! Gooey dark chocolate with an orange tang, I would only advise this one if you were a real chocolate lover like myself.

My guest opted for the bread and butter pudding which I was a bit jealous of and would perhaps order next time. Super fluffy bread with a wintery spice and served with brandy crème anglaise, Christmas decadence in a bowl!

Brasserie Blanc’s Christmas menu is a great shout for those who want something a bit more elegant than the standard Christmas dinner. With some more traditional offerings mixed in with contemporary greats, it can cater to the desires of a mixed group of guests. Whether they want the usual turkey dinner, or a stylish risotto, you are sure to have a table of happy diners.

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Address: 60 Threadneedle St, London EC2R 8HP

Written by Jordan Crowley