Breakfast En Bread home kit review

If you haven’t ever tried The Barge House in De Beauvoir’s Breakfast En Bread then now is the time. A legend upon locals, trying to get a weekend table to try their hero dish is near impossible. With their new home delivery service, you can now enjoy Breakfast En Bread at home, a truly decadent brunch treat for those weekends in lockdown.

So what is Breakfast En Bread? It is essentially the elements of all of the greatest brunch dishes stuffed into a loaf of Gail’s bakery sour dough bread. Pure genius, right? Offering a choice of: The Original, The Vegetarian, The Smokey Salmon or The Au-Barge (vegan). All ingredients are sourced from London’s best local fishmongers and free-range butchers and the team use only the best seasonal veg that the UK has to offer. Spoilt for choice, we opted for The Vegetarian; filled with slow-roasted tomato, spinach, leeks, oyster mushrooms, avocado, asparagus, sprinkled with cheese and of course topped with a free-range egg. Finished with sprigs of fresh thyme and cracked pepper, just the description is enough to cause your mouth to start watering.

First thing to note was the packaging; Arriving in a beautifully customized cardboard box, filled with straw and a little cold pack to keep the precious ingredients fresh, they really have put a lot of effort into the presentation. You will find a loaf of bread already stuffed and vacuum packed securely, with an egg separately in a cup ready to add on top. Preparation was self-explanatory but the kit comes with clear step by step instructions, already completely assembled aside from the egg and a sprinkling of herbs. Cooking time is just 18-20 minutes which makes for an all around smooth and super easy experience. And the results? Absolutely delicious. From the top, the meal just looks like a lovely sour dough loaf topped with a generous portion of cheese finished with some crunchy asparagus as a topping (which, to be fair, sounds like heaven in itself) but there is so much goodness hiding just under the surface. Layers upon layers of fresh veg bursting with taste. Soft, golden sourdough to mop up the oozy cheese and egg, all parts of this meal scream indulgent weekend brunch, which lets face it, is what anyone really needs whilst locked inside the house for the foreseeable.

With prices starting from £14.50 for the vegi options, Breakfast En Bread offers a truly delicious brunch kit at very reasonable prices. The Barge House are also offering drink kits to upgrade your brunch to a boozy one making it a great option if you’re celebrating during lockdown. We are hoping these guys keep the kits going even when they open back up!

Website and orders:

The Barge House Address: 46a De Beauvoir Crescent, N1 5RY

Written by Jordan Crowley