Choose Beyond Meat For Your Next BBQ

Beyond Meat, a plant based meat brand, has wowed the US market since 2009 and is making its mark on the UK landscape. To promote their products, they hosted a BBQ today where the UK’s best BBQ experts taught us how to create the ultimate plant based BBQ this summer. The hosts were flexitarian and BBQ lover Peter Andre, the UK’s number one Grillmaster Jon Finch, and author and luxe BBQ style expert at The Social Set Up, Monda Steponavaite.

Jon told us how to get the most from our BBQs by having good equipment including a  bristle brush, heat proof gloves and long tongs with a good bite. Starting with a clean BBQ and slowing everything down is essential as most people use too much fuel, so aim for low or medium heat to cook and flip when the crust starts to form.  We were encouraged to always cook with the lid down if our BBQs have this feature as this was we can control the heat and circulation of air. 

Peter discussed how he is influenced by his Greek and Aussie heritage and had thought of serving pineapple. Being an Aussie myself I always joke it’s not a BBQ without pineapple, and I felt so special when Peter actually found a pineapple and grilled it on the BBQ. He really is a true blue Aussie.  Fellow Aussies will know how good a combination pineapple and BBQ food is! And if you haven’t tried it, please don’t wait a moment longer. 

We sampled Beyond Meat meatballs coated in spices including garlic salt and chilli; and sausages served with green relish. Both were a lovely hit of flavours melting in our mouths. Of course, the standout was the Beyond Meat burger patty served with melted cheese on a lightly toasted bun with salad on the side. 

I had never tasted Beyond Meat products and was amazed by their texture and taste. Beyond Meat products are made up of five components: Protein from peas and brown rice; carbs from potato starch; fats from coconut, rapeseed or canola oil; minerals such as calcium, iron, salt and potassium chloride; and flavours from beet juice and apple extract. They all combine to give that meat-like colour, texture and taste we know. I was surprised by how meat-like the products were, and how rich and flavoursome they are. They are definitely a product I’d have again. 

Beyond Meat’s aim is to make meat from plants and by doing so positively affect growing global issues such as animal welfare and constraints on resources. They hope to encourage people to add some meatless days to their diary. After trying these products, it’s something I am seriously considering. 

Now that we’ve discussed the prep and food, we need to look at the table setting. Monda shared that we should add touches of surprise and use different tones and textures, pops of colour and unique ornaments. Her set up for our BBQ was white vases of different shapes filled with variety of colourful flowers, with fruit and veggies scattered on the table to create colour against the white table cloth and straw placemats. 

It was a fun relaxing learning BBQ event, that definately out a smile to our faces on a grey May Day. 

Address: Beyond Meat Grill Academy Garden N16 London 






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Written by Caitlin Neal