Christabel’s Secret Garden Supper Club

I am a supper club virgin. There I said it, happy? I have never paid to step into someone I don’t know at all (that I am aware of)’s lounge and for them to cook for me. However I am happy to say last week that all changed.

Christabels dining experiences grasped our attention with their fairy tale/Alice in Wonderland themes. Fantastical food, stupendous settings and from reviews a impeccable host, Christabels reputation preceded her.

imageSo after ushering my friend off a bus somewhere near Angel, we found ourselves at a beautiful flat which was even more astonishing inside. It was as if we had walked into one of Aesop’s fables; chalices filled with wine, dazzling flowers and an assortment of kooky furniture. Unfortunately Christabel was otherwise engaged, so our host for the evening was Sisi. Sisi was basically Jess (from New Girl) and utterly delightful.

After being handed a glass of champagne laced with pomegranate seeds; we meandered onto the balcony and were introduced to our fellow diners. They turned out to be a lovely bunch consiting of two friends and a gaggle of doctors. After a while chatting it was time for our starter; broad bean, mint and beetroot bruschetta. The toasts were crunchy and the beetroot purée complimented the broad bean spread well in taste and colour. I enjoyed the sprig of mint and squeeze of lemon.


Next was our main which actually was a deviation from the menu. Soy, ginger and honey chicken but with a broad bean and blue cheese salad and pomegranate bulgur wheat. Either way it was yummy, the chicken was tender and divine. The blue cheese added an interesting tang to the broad bean mix which can often be bland, and I doused my bugler wheat in the glorious chicken juice.


I had read quite a number of reviews stating that there was not enough food to go round, however we each had one piece of chicken and most of us had another, a few beans and basically as much bugler wheat as we wanted. I think people are used to restaurant portions which are often ginormous! I was comfortably full with room for dessert when we finished 🙂

Dessert again was a step off the menu, a caramel torte dusted with edible glitter. And guess what? No soggy bottoms! Mary Berry would be proud. It was the evenings icing on the cake (excuse the pun).


Supper clubs are a awesome way to dine with a difference. Gone are the days of ignoring your neighbours, the time has come to embrace the social side of dining and Christabels is a great example of food, fun and fantasy.


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Reviewer: Aspen Glencross

@gollumcrackcorn and check out her 100 days of summer blog here!