Amathus, Knightsbridge


Amathus Drinks are an alcohol importer and wholesale and retail seller. They have three branches in London; in Soho, Leadenhall Market and Knightsbridge. It runs various events around the city including cocktail-making competitions and masterclasses. I attended the Knightsbridge branch and was instantly struck by the range of alcohol on offer. It has equal amounts of wines, beers and spirits and its knowledgeable staff are trained to talk about all varieties.  Upon arrival I was given a glass of vintage Prosecco.

It was less bland than some Prosecco’s have been of late and the bubbles felt like they crackled in the back of the throat (in a good way). It was complemented with tasty canapés too.

They had an Enomatic dispenser and we were left to sample the different drinks.

They had this man cutting Prosciutto with a chain mail glove, it was pretty great to watch.When I asked him why he smiled sheepishly and said he wasn’t completely sure. He just kept on carving the ham. And I kept eating it. I wish all relationships could be so simple.

We were then given a Mezcal which has a similar taste to tequila – though smokier – and, like that drink, it originated from Mexico. It is produced from the agave/maguey plant and the one we had was the Del Maguey Mezcal Iberico and it went really well with the Prosciutto.

One of the sellers gave a talk about the original ritual of the Mezcal which involved Mexican townsfolk pouring some of the drink onto the floor before consuming it… the only thing he left out was HOW to drink it. You are supposed to sip it. I slammed it in one. I felt immediately drunk and things turned a little odd. I became extremely concerned by these…


Perhaps it was my drunkenness that explains why I bought two bottles of expensive wine before I left. Or maybe it was the crystal skulls (they became voices in my head, goading me to buy).  I’m just glad I didn’t buy the Del Maguey Mezcal Iberico…

A brilliant place.

Check out their website and @AmathusDrinks.


Written by Gareth Brown | @GarethBrown26

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