Christmas trees from Pines and Needles

If plastic artificial Christmas tress isn’t your thing, you may want to look in the direction of Christmas tree provider Pines and Needles, who have joined the global drive to be more sustainable by only providing customers with natural firs grown on its picturesque Scottish plantations.

Pines and Needles are environmental friendly and they encourage their customers to be as well. They offer their customers a collection and recycling service, which allows thousands of trees to be repurposed into chippings for attractions such as Kew Gardens and ‘ZSL’ London zoo. Thats right no need for your artificial tree to end up in a landfill… Theses guys have you covered!

According to The Carbon Trust, a tree’s carbon footprint is reduced by 80% if it is repurposed as opposed to if it is left to degrade.

Pines and Needles sell a range of different sized tress, from 3ft to as tall as 12ft for those lucky people with a more spacious living room. And if you’re short for time in making your tree look pretty, fear not you can buy tree decorations from Pines and Needles and they will have their super cute Elves deliver the tree and dress the tree to your liking. You won’t have to lift a finger (unless you want to add the tree topper at the end).

You can also find Christmas lights, wreaths, holly and mistletoe, helping you have a stress-free Christmas.

To view the trees they have on offer visit: