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Circla has launched a milk style delivery service

A new ‘milk round’ style beauty delivery service has launched, with the founder herself cycling round London delivering ethically made products to her customers.

Circla sells a curated selection of beauty staples and luxury items from independent brands, including skincare, shampoos, conditioners and body lotions in glass and aluminium bottles. The end user can join the auto-replenishment service and, after notifying Circla a refill is needed, leave the empties on their doorstep to be refilled, much like the milkman.

There is a large selection of products available on the site, including highly regarded circular beauty brand UpCircle, natural skincare from Malāko and vegan-friendly shower essentials from Bramley.

Deliveries are currently conducted in Zones 1 and 2 in London and customers can pick a designated delivery day that suits them. Delivery intervals can also be tailored to suit, ranging from weekly right up to every three months for a top up.

For every bottle returned, Circla awards points which are redeemable on your next order. All they ask is for you to keep your pumps and just leave your empty bottles in the replenishment bag provided with your first order. Such a great idea and perfect for the environment!

The auto-replenishment service is delivered by bicycle or electric vehicle to avoid pollution where possible – with founder Claudia Gwinnutt rising at 5am each day to do most of the rounds herself.

As well as everyday essentials, there is also a ‘Thinking of You’ self-care box available containing Circla’s favourite pampering items that would make a perfect present. These are available nationwide too, so if you want to gift a friend you can’t see due to lockdown, it is ideal. The self-care boxes are not available for the auto-replenishment service.

Accessories are available for purchase on the site too, including reusable make up pads and loofahs for the bath. These are not available for auto-replenishment but have been deliberately chosen to be as sustainable as possible.

I was sent one of the re-fill kits and they’re absolutely gorgeous. Organic, vegan products that are not only great for your skin but for the environment. In my package I received the Upcircle Facial Scrub (a product I’ve tried before and absolutely adore), La Eva Spice Shampoo and Conditioner and Evolve Organic Beauty body wash and body lotion. I loved all the products, though the La Eva shampoo and conditioners were not top favourites. Now they are lovely products but as someone with an aversion to Cinnamon, it wasn’t my cup of tea. My house mate however, absolutely loved it.

Prices at Circla start at £3.50. There is no subscription fee but delivery is charged per refill. For more information, please visit