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LILY LEWIS – There is no such thing as grown ups

Feeling overwhelmed with living in the ‘adult world’? Longing for the simplicity of childhood? Head down to an intriguing pop up art gallery at 12 Connaught Street where Schleiffer Art have curated an exhibition that will awaken your inner child.

‘There is no such thing as grown ups’, by Lily Lewis, a self taught artist and writer. This exhibition examines what it means to live today, deliberates on the developments of socialisation and communication. Reminiscing, playing and stimulations to connect to the child within are paramount to Lewis’s new body of work, comprising of paintings, works on paper and a sculpture made from playing pieces of board games.

Paintings of adult concepts seen through the imagination of childhood are presented alongside, acting as mirror images, tackling themes of intimacy, work, emotion and consumption. As the data of our daily lives is systematically recorded and uploaded, Lily Lewis interrogates the construction of memory and what it means to see and to feel, with a satirical nod to the reality of how we increasingly spend our time.

The collection is captivating with what looks like the inner child of adults attempting to burst through colourful retro graphic wallpaper reminiscent from our childhood. They say ’inside every adult there is still a child that lingers’, however you choose to interpret it, hopefully you’ll leave the exhibition with a renewed mind and ability to find joy in the little things.
When: February 6 – March 5, 2020
Address: 12 Connaught Street, London W2 2AF
Website: |

Written by: Eboni Addoh

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