Circus 1903 Review

ROLL UP ROLL UP! Come on down to South Bank Centre and step back into 1903 and see a glorious circus performance.

Circus 1903 has begun at Royal Festival hall for its premiere European tour. Featuring amazing jugglers, trapeze and high wire performers, acrobats, life sized elephants brought to life by the talented puppeteers and much much more.

Onin.london were there for their opening night and I must say we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. With many ‘oo’s and ahhs’, ‘omg’, with plenty of holding our breath, stomach clenching, laugh till you cry moments, needless to say this is a show not to be missed.

The ringmaster was brilliant in keeping audiences entertained during changes. Getting the kids involved up on staged proved to be a very entertaining part of the show. He was one of my highlights of the night.

The show can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Here until the 5/1/2019 with ticket prices beginning at £25, make sure you get in quick to enjoy this fabulous jaw dropping event.

Website: www.circus1903.com

Twitter: @circus1903 #circus1903

Facebook: www.facebook.com/Circus1903/

Instagram: @circus1903