Garage Brunch Review

From the moment I arrived the vibes were great. It was literally a group karaoke as all sang along with the garage classics.

The bottomless cocktails were nice and strong, one had rum and the other had vodka. This was soon followed by some yummy chicken, chips and a lovely avocado sauce. Dessert shorty followed with apple crumble and ice cream. This was all served so efficiently and was right on time so that you could continue with the drinks and good times.

Garage bingo was conducted while we ate and later there was a skank off and a quiz. All very entertaining, allowing you to really test how much knowledge you really have on the garage genre.

Overall the venue, service and vibes was a definite 10/10 and I would definitely recommend it for a birthday celebration should you all be garage heads!!

It is no wonder it’s been dubbed the best alternative way to spend an afternoon. Especially with the Garage Brunch offering a classic soundtrack from DJ Policy, alongside Garage Legends Lonyo (Summer of Love, Garage Girls), and DJ Swiss (So Solid Crew).

There’s more brunches to come so keep an eye out for them!

Written by Terri Martin