Cleanse Review

Cleanses have long been controversial because our bodies are programmed to detox themselves. While I am neither a doctor or a nutritionist, I do know basic biology. No juice will sort out regrets or bad habits quite like the kidneys, liver and intestines will. That being said, I do believe that there is plenty that we can do to improve how our organs function. Whenever I read an article or see adverts for juice cleanses, I can’t help but wonder if there is something wonderful that I am missing.

After researching local London juiceries, I chose to do a cleanse with Glo! in Parson’s Green. I was quickly drawn to their wholesome, honest and unpretentious atmosphere. The owner, Jamie, is a strong believer in Gerson Therapy which aims to heal people through a raw plant based diet. Jamie’s passion for promoting and introducing a healthier lifestyle is so genuine that I was easily convinced that I could benefit from this cleanse.


Five Reasons Why I Recommend (and LOVE) Glo’s Cleanse

  1. It is affordable. While the juices are not cold-pressed, they are still organic and nutrient dense. If something is too expensive then it is not easily accessible and it will never become routine. The company offers three packages to choose from: 2 day (£79), 3 day (£119) and 5 day (£179), all of which are a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

  2. There is variety. Glo’s cleanse menu incorporates a mixture of juices, smoothies, homemade nut mylks and powerful shots to keep you satiated. I love that the drinks include superfoods like maca, wheatgrass and chia to help keep you revving throughout the day.

  3. You don’t starve. A piece of fruit is provided as well as recommendations of what to reach for if you are desperate. I absolutely love this bit because they are realistic and not judgemental. You can listen to your body and not feel guilty about eating.

  4. It is convenient. No more frantically cleaning appliances before work! Each morning, a neat package is prepared for collection. Along with the daily menu are motivational phrases, helpful tips (ie. almond mylk makes for a perfect pre-work out snack), a selection of herbal teas and a piece of fruit.

cleanse 1

While doing my cleanse, I wanted (and needed!) to keep all other variables in my life constant. This included my regular 9-5, training for a marathon, hitting the gym and trying to have a social life. The first day flew by without any hiccups. The second day, I was more stationary at work and found it challenging to not want to snack through my tasks. On my third and final day, I was in it for the longhaul. I had slept better, wasn’t bloated and felt energised. The most surprising outcome was that I found myself much more aware of the food I was putting into my mouth after the cleanse. It made it easier to redirect my cravings to healthier choices. It has been a full two months since my cleanse and I continue to gradually lose weight without starvation or deprivation.

The next time I find myself needing a little nudge in the right direction, I will sign myself up for another cleanse at Glo! Join me and Glo’s long list of returning customers for when your eating habits need a bit of a reality check. Your cravings can thank us later!

For more info on their Clapham and Parson’s Green locations, head on over to their facebook page and website.