Commuters double take as celebrity lookalike is spotted at Grind opening, as brand pokes fun at competitor

  • World-renowned celebrity lookalike was spotted at Grind’s new store opening

  • The lookalike is jokingly referred to as “George Clone-ey”

UK coffee company, Grind, hosted a welcome party to introduce its 15th UK coffee shop. The trick? The brand invited a celebrity lookalike that closely resembles its key competitors’ brand ambassador.

Commuters were seen ogling at the lookalike all morning trying to figure out where they could place him. Some even asked for selfies with the lookalike, coined “George Clone-ey,” who was hired by Grind to promote its new coffee shop at London’s St Pancras station. The move follows Grind’s takeover of the closing of a key competitor’s store in the very same spot.

At the opening, “George Clone-ey” was spotted picking up competitor coffee pods in an effort to exhibit Grind’s deep commitment to sustainability; he was also spotted taking out the recycling. What a guy.

To celebrate the brand’s newest location, Grind is now offering one free coffee to the first 100 customers who visit St. Pancras every day between 23 May and 26 May. 

CEO David Abrahamovitch said, “Having just recycled our competitor’s store into a Grind store – one that’s better for the planet – we thought, what better time to introduce the public to “George Clone-ey.”

“Expanding Grind’s retail footprint in the UK – especially in a space as iconic as St Pancras is super exciting for us. We know the space sees loads of commuters and tourists daily so it’s great to be able to serve them great coffee whilst on their journey through London, as well as offer everything they need to make barista-quality coffee themselves, with our at home range.”

This activation marks Grind’s latest poke at coffee giants after launching the UK’s first home-compostable coffee pods. Earlier this year, the company launched its Better Coffee Foundation to reduce waste from the global coffee industry and committed to remove two coffee pods’ worth of plastic for every one of its compostable pods sold. Grind’s pods are home-compostable and break down in weeks.