Dirty Burger: Review

Dirty Burger 8

79 Highgate Rd, Kentish Town, London, NW5 1TL

There is a massive craze of burger joints sweeping across London at the moment. So in my ‘discovering London’s best food’ quest, I’m challenging myself to try them all.

So on a mild evening we headed to Dirty Burger in Kentish Town to taste their wares!

So Dirty Burger is situated behind Chicken Shop[1] and Pizza East[2] in an unassuming metal shack, which I totally mistook for a bike shed. Inside this shack the magic happens. It’s quite unique in the sense that your only choice is a cheeseburger (breakfast till 11am adds sausage or bacon and egg baps), which is amazing for me because I can’t even decide what socks to put on in the morning. Then you team this with crinkle cut and onion fries.

Bike Shed?
Bike Shed?
Is this the place? Let's try
Is this the place? Let’s try






“Okay. The burger. Like heaven in a bap. So good. The patty all juicy, melted cheese and the gherkins,YUM! But what makes the burger is the special sauce inside ahhh so so good. I made the mistake of taking my tomato out and eating it first (usually the worst bit of the burger) DON’T DO IT! Take my word for it, leave it in.”

The fries are like twice cooked or something, they are amazing. Don’t get me started on the onion fries. Basically get both. Also mix together tomato sauce and yellow mustard (I never knew this) to make like burger sauce and lather them in it.

Dirty Burger 5

For pudding, definitely have a milkshake, vanilla or choc are gooooood! Share it though, unless you’ve run a marathon beforehand. I love the location, it’s so kooky. You get good music, a newspaper and some like diner stools. No fancy pants stuff. I would even go here on my one on an evening to chill, and not feel like a billy no mates.



Nosh: Best burger I’ve had in London so far. I can’t fault it. Actually amazing chips, and the onion fries are made with red onions and are oh so crispy. You even feel a little better as there is salad in your bun oh and the milkshakes are worth a go, even vanilla is flavoursome with vanilla bits and ice cream in 5/5

Dollar Dollar: £5.50 for the meaty bit, £2.50 a piece for sides so pretty damn cheap. A pint is like £4.50 pretty standard, and milkshakes £4 so alright, basically a dessert. Dinner for under a tenner? Awesome! 4.5/5

Vibe: I loved it, so unassuming and low key. The music is fab, like old school tunes. We sat by the window with it open on a balmy evening reading the newspapers. Only thing is you do look out onto a car park with a proper retro LA fitness outside (although you can chuckle/feel sorry for the gym bunnies going to/coming from the gym while you chomp on a juicy burger!). But its shabby chic persona matches the burgers. Lost half a mark as it’s a bit of a trek from central. 4.5/5

Team cohesion: The food is ready really quickly, but the patties are like made as they go. All the staff are chirpy and helpful, literally can’t complain. Sometimes you have to push other people’s empty trays out the way as the turnover is pretty fast. 4/5

NOTES: No bookings but generally get a seat even at the weekend, if not you can take away.

Basically if I worked her and could have untapped Dirty Burger’s I would look like a baby whale. But it would be worth it. I’ve been back 4 times already…………


London Love Abi G



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