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Sometimes, it seems like everything is about being skinny — juice cleansed will cut calories, yoga will keep you in tip-top shape and there’s always a new diet to try. But all the attention placed on being thin is exhausting. Obviously, if your size is having an effect on your health, then something must be done. However I am so inspired by the rising profiles and embrace of plus-size models in the fashion industry today.

I have never been on the smaller side of life but I wouldn’t say that my stature or size was abnormal. I remember as a young teenager, I would struggle to find clothes, not many retail shops catered for larger sizes and the ones that did, made me look frumpy and look way beyond my age. From the age of 14 till 18 was very frustrating for me when it came to clothes shopping. All my friends would be able to go into any shop and literally wear anything. I know some may be thinking but why don’t you lose weight, YES that is an option but why should you suffer or lose out just because you are not a certain size. When you go food shopping there are different sizes of food, so it only made sense that this applied to clothes. This wasn’t the case, on a high street you would probably find 2 high street retailers that catered for plus sizes. I remember the only shop I could actually shop in was Dorothy Perkins, just imagine that everytime you went shopping, you could only walk into one shop…… I know its a NIGHTMARE, but that was the story of my live.

However, over the years things are changing, I thank God for evolution. High street retailers and designers are starting to realise there is a gap in the market; there are more high street retailers who catered for plus size women. I can walk down a high street and walk into any shop I want, with hope that they will have my size. One advice to all you beautiful plus size females, never rule out any shop, walk in, have a look you will be surprised what you can find. I’m a size 18 but can fit into a 16 at times, depending on fabric and cut of the clothing. So I always like to try things on just to make sure. I recently went shopping in Zara to get a pair of shoes, I normally don’t buy clothes from there as they don’t do my size, but I saw this item that I loved and I thought to myself , “why not try it on”, and guess what it fitted, so it is always important to try things on.

I know the fashion industry have a long way to go, but I think they are going in the right direction. Not only are there more clothes in plus sizes but finding swimwear has never been so easy, swimwear with great support and style.

Here are a couple of things to consider when shopping:-

·        Just because you are plus size doesn’t mean you can’t be a fashionista, hiding under baggy clothes won’t make you look better.

·        Accentuate the positive, know your body and the best features you have. If you have a great waist line, wear things that will show this positively.

·        Yes black is slimming, but why would you want to look like your attending a funeral every day. Add some colour in your wardrobe, not only does it look good also lifts your spirit.

·        Always remember fashion isn’t just about clothes , accessories always make an outfit stand out.

Do not ignore your appearance because of your size, always take care of yourself and look good.


Fashion Frankie

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