E-Cig Craze


Having not been out for many months my friends and I decided to go to a west end club for a bank holiday party. Maybe I’m late or out of touch with the world today but to my surprise in the VIP section we were surrounded by people, mainly men, smoking E-cigarettes. For those of you who are not familiar with these, it’s an electronic inhaler that vaporizes a liquid solution into an aerosol mist, simulating the act of tobacco smoking. The amount of nicotine contained can be chosen by the user, with some choosing no nicotine at all. They are often shaped like a real cigarette and even have a small light on the end that lights up to simulate the burning tobacco. Everyone I know who has used these has done it to aid them to stop smoking. So how come it’s now a cool party accessory?


Many men were posing for pictures puffing on their e-cig, making sure thick smoke streamed from their mouth for every flash of the camera. This for me was a big giveaway that some may not even be genuine smokers but were just following the trend to look cool for their snaps. This assumption was confirmed when I saw a couple of men with the cigar version. The reason I say this is because in many films we see that a carefully poised cigar in hand will make the character look that much more calculating and menacing, in a very sophisticated way of course. 



Personally I think it’s a party faux pas!! Not only does it make you look in some way a bit awkward, but a electronic cigarette/cigar does not promote you to gain any more respect or status in the club. The coolness that some gained by smoking was not because of the physical action but because of the talent/achievements they made in life through study and hard work #Justsaying