The Revlon Girl Comes To Bob Hope Theatre

On 21st October 1966, in the Welsh mining village of Aberfan, the ‘tips’, essentially man-made hills of discarded coal waste, collapsed, sliding down onto the village below, killing 144 people in just a handful of minutes. The avalanche struck Pantglas Junior School, demolishing and engulfing the classrooms. 109 children and 5 teachers were killed.
Set 8 months after the Aberfan Disaster, The Revlon Girl tells the deeply human story of a group of bereaved mothers who met every week, in a function room above the local hotel to talk, cry and even laugh. At one of their meetings, they secretly arranged for a representative from Revlon to come and give them a talk on beauty tips.
This is a play packed with character, hope and heartache, entwining the restraints, gossip and sometime irrationality of a small-town community, with the poignancy of a mother’s loss. A play that is both heart-breaking and heart-warming, this mini masterpiece brings profound emotion and entertainment to its audience.
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