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P1000644I’ve spent quite a lot of time around Covent Garden, I love Soho and Neals Yard is super doper cute. However I regret to say that I must have walked past Earlham Street Clubhouse numerous times and have never popped in. Luckily a trip last week rectified this!

Down in the basement owner Jack has got a rather cool set up. You can chill in comfy seats or booths, chomp on pizza and slurp cocktails, massive winner already. But this isn’t merely a good idea, it’s executed pretty darn well too. You drop in and are presented with a cosy yet open bar, chalk blackboards line the bar and are splattered with groovy writing.P1000632

We were shown to our seats and the waiter came over and took our drinks order. Its pretty cool, the whole menu is film/TV based, so the cocktail menu was graced with the likes of ‘Sweet Valley High’ and ‘Boogie Nights’. I went for Cruel Intention (coconut vodka and pineapple served long) with my mate opting for a Heather’s Revenge (and elderflower beauty). The little details were really ace, a flower in hers and umbrella in mine, crushed ice and a good kick.

On the pizza front we opted for a ‘Ross and Rachel’, 20 inches. Half Ferris Bueller (pepperoni, chicken and spicy), half a Super Mario (meatball medly). Ahhhhh just what the doctor ordered, it was lush! A really thin base, loads of topping and really meaty. We even had our own chilli oil at hand to crank up the heat. Don’t be daunted by the large size, its served the best way. 95% topping, 5% base.

P1000640But you must save some room for the world best dessert…….cronuts! But not some faddy daddy ones, proper Rinkoff Bakery beasties! (I may have travelled an extra hour to work one day to pick up a pair of these bad boys!)

Sadly due to my atrocious time management we had to eat and run, and didn’t really get time to just hang out. I wanted to listen to the jukebox and kick back to watch a little TV (yea it’s that cosy!).

But I’ll definitely go back, and recommend the place. I’ve gotta see the Esso gas-pump-turned-beer-pump filling station which launched on 4th April and can be privately hired! Whatta way to fill up!P1000638

Luckily the staff gave us a couple of paper plates and I was ‘that person’ who eats their pizza when there’s like a gazillion people on the tube. SO worth it though. Sorry cleaners, I definitely left the remnants on the floor on the overground, not that there was much left….…….

Check out for deets, and tweet #FuelYourFriday for a chance to win the beer pump for an evening!

 Earlham Street Clubhouse

35 Earlham St

WC2H 9LDP1000630



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