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The Hangover Club – EGGzactly What You Need the Morning After the Night Before

hangover2We all know the feeling. You wake up, mouth parched, throbbing head, eyes bleary.

Then the sickness sets in. That nauseous feeling that can only be controlled by good food. Then you know it’s time for The Hangover Club.

Whether you’re detoxing or looking for the hair of the dog, The Hangover Club’s the place to head. Joining forces with The Good Egg these guys are supplying some legendary brunches. Think breakfast burritos, Shakshuka and slow-cooked steak and eggs. For those looking for a healthy kick check out the detox smoothies, shakes and raw juices, or those looking to carry on the festivities re-tox drinks, it’s Bloody Mary o’clock!

Feeling rough never felt so good…………..


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