En Vogue Concert Review

En Vogue

The concert was an epic display of classic vocal talent, fuelled by the groups passion to deliver a show stopping performance. Although the ladies took to the stage an hour later than scheduled, it was definitely worth the wait. The amazing venue of Koko made sure that the trio could be heard amazingly throughout the whole venue.  The audience was full of nothing short of fans ranging from those who grew up with their parents playing the hits or the parents that remember the songs when they we’re first released. This was a true testament to the groups relevance and appeal across a varied aged audience.

En Vogue looked effortlessly glam in black, with one of the ladies adding a pop of colour with a stunning gold one shoulder top. The ladies opened the show stood as 3 goddess like figures in the centre of the stage and just as promised the group took us on a journey through their timeless classics and treated us to a performance of their new track DeJa Vu, featured on their new album, Electric Café.

The audience screamed the roof off Koko in appreciation of numerous acapella renditions that were an obvious display of unquestionable talent that did not need any modern day studio auto tune.

The second half of the concert saw the funky divas pay homage to other legends with a medley of classics, which included R.E.S.P.E.C.T by Aretha Franklin.

With such an amazing venue and no empty seats in the house the atmosphere was truly electric. The ladies closed the show with many fans screaming for more, so my guess is that En Vogue would be guaranteed another sell out show on their next visit to the UK. The show was so good many fans had wished that the close of the show was only a tease for a quick outfit change. Well, it just shows the Funky Divas well and truly brought the funk to London town and left us all wanting more.

En Vogue are still on their European tour, if you missed them in the UK here are dates across Europe:


  • April 13th—Amsterdam, Holland
  • April 15th—Nikmegen, Holland
  • April 17th—Kohn, Germany
  • April 19th—Stockholm, Sweden
  • April 21st—Copenhagen, Denmark
  • April 23rd—Frankfurt, Germany
  • April 24th—Paris France
  • April 25th—Breman, Germany

By Mamamayah

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