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Experience the Past, Present & Future at Quaglino’s

The Quaglino’s impressive bar explores the ‘science of sustainability’ with a new cocktail menu. Launching on Monday 24th September, ‘The Science Of Sustainability’, a thought-provoking cocktail menu designed to promote the awareness of sustainability, is launching at the gorgeous Quaglino’s bar in Mayfair.

Set in three parts, the menu will explore global environmental issues of the past, present and future through cleverly designed drinks devised by the bar team led by bar manager Marco Sangion and head mixologist Federico Pasian.

Expect drinks made using a variety of inventive techniques such as milk clarifications, sous vide infusions, and butter washing – from root infused concoctions that symbolise deforestation, to futuristic bespoke serves that represent the mounting problem of space debris.

Beginning with the ‘Past’, drinks such as Let’s Be Clear and Roots set out the menu’s narrative by pinpointing the key factors in human history that have contributed to global warming.

With ‘Present’, the menu shines a light on the need for sustainability and the issues that are in the news today.

Finally, the ‘Future’ section is both a look into the challenges we may face as well as the technological and scientific advances that will produce a greener more sustainable world for us all.

The new menu will be available at Quaglino’s Bar from 24th September 2018.

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