Massaoke featuring RockStar Weekend

‘Friday night and the lights are low, looking out for the place to go, where they play the right music, getting in the swing’…

If these lyrics already have you singing and dancing, then you’ll love Massaoke. ONIN attended Massaoke’s Launch Party last night (Friday night) to celebrate the the sing-a-long sensation now having monthly events at the Electric Ballroom in Camden.

Massaoke is basically a massive karaoke with a live band, lyrics displayed on the screen and the whole audience being the singers.Last night’s performance was by Rockstar Weekend who performed a range of anthems from the past few decades. We walked 500 miles, bathed in Purple Rain, loved Rock N Roll, had fun at the YMCA, were the kids in America, and had the best days of our lives back in the summer of ‘69.

Those who know me know I love singing, but I have room for improvement.  Indeed, my parents used to go to the other side of the house when I played the SingStar video game growing up. This didn’t stop me from belting out tunes from ABBA, Queen, Nirvana, Madonna, Whitney and so many great bands and artists. Massaoke really is for everyone to enjoy regardless of your singing abilities.

The next Massaoke events featuring RockStar Weekend at Electric Ballroom are an 80s theme on 8th October, and a 90s theme on 12 November, followed by two Christmas theme events in  December. Massaoke has a number of events coming up throughout the UK including ‘Sing the Musicals’ and ‘Sing the Movies’.  Prices start from £10 for early bird tickets. Further information can be found on the Massaoke website.

So get your friends together to ‘celebrate and have a good time’! We certainly did.

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Written by Caitlin Neal