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Fancy winning a house in lockdown? Man raffles his £400,000 property for just £2

If you’re struggling to get on the property ladder, we’ve got good news.
There’s a house up for grabs and you only need a few pounds to buy it. Confused? Excited? Wondering if we’re lying? Let us explain.

After a number of sales went through for his house, Daniel Twenefour, the owner of a three- bedroom home in Mitcham, south London, decided that he needed to get inventive if he wanted to sell his property.

So, Daniel decided to hold a raffle, with the winner walking away with his £400,000 mortgage-free house. It might sound like a dodgy deal, but it’s not. You simply buy a ticket for £2 (or buy several tickets, to improve your chances of winning), cross your fingers and toes, and hope to win.
Daniel said: “It’s no surprise that coronavirus has brought the UK housing market to a grinding halt, however after some thought I realised that I didn’t need a housing market per se, I just needed to reach people who wanted the chance to own a London home, totally mortgage
free!” “The concept is a simple but powerful one.

Each ticket will be sold for £2, which is then entered into a competition draw. The competition will be open for a limited time and once it closes, the winning ticket will be chosen by a random number generator, in the presence of a solicitor. The winner gets to be the new mortgage-free owner of 6 Tramway Path in Mitcham. It’s that simple!”

The draw will take place on 1 June, with a percentage of the proceeds going to charity including NHS Charities Together. The aim is to sell 200,000 tickets before closing day but if he doesn’t reach this goal, Daniel is giving the winner 90% of the raffle proceeds instead. So either way, it’s a win-win. Not a bad deal for £2. Feeling lucky? You can enter the raffle here:

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