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Fashion Edit: Cosy classics for winter from TARTAN BLANKET CO

Welcome to On In London’s lifestyle edit: where we review fashion, beauty and interior products, giving an honest view on the quality and price of everyday items from top brands.

This week, we are going to indulge in one of the best things about winter: layering.

From cosy jumpers and scarves to sitting in front of a fire with a thick blanket, the colder season wouldn’t be quite the same without knits and wool items to keep us warm.

If there’s anyone who knows everything about making life cosy, it’s Emma and Fergus, founders behind Tartan Blanket Co.

The Scottish luxury brand has become known for its products that are both high quality, modern and semi-affordable.

From lambswool to cashmere and recycled wool, their collections are contemporary in design but without losing their Scottish heritage – and of course, include the traditional tartan pattern.

We try out two items from the range: the Oversized Lambswool Scarf in Olive (£45) and the Recycled Wool Knee Blanket in Natural Herringbone (£35).

Let’s start off with the scarf.

To say we are fans of this product is downplaying it. Firstly, the olive shade is both on trend and eye-catching, a gorgeous pop of colour for someone who tends to prefer black and grey.

The quality also delivers and overall the scarf almost has a Scandi feel to it, urging you to embrace hygge and go forest bathing (that’s walking in nature as a form of Japanese eco therapy, for those of you who don’t know).

We have no complaints, except perhaps wanting the brand to go further and make the scarf even more oversized.

As for the blanket, Tartan Blanket Co gets a thumbs up for its sustainable approach of using recycled wool (70%) and mixed recycled fibres (30%), saved from landfill.

The feel is perfectly balanced between rough and satiny, and offers a lot of warmth. It doesn’t hurt that the herringbone pattern is gorgeous.

However, we are a bit perplexed by the size of the blanket – you can hold it over your body if you fold it vertically but then it won’t cover the sides or only cover part of your chest, shoulders or knees (it is a knee blanket after all) by using it horizontally.

We kind of wish we’d gone for the bigger version, which costs £50.

There are a range of colours and patterns to choose from; such as Buchanan Autumn Tartan, Mustard Herringbone, Persevere Flint Grey Tartan and much more.

“As a young, creative family, we take pride in designing each blanket and scarf here in Scotland and finding ways to combine modern living and our Scottish heritage, while focussing on simplicity, aesthetic and respect for the environment,” Emma and Fergus, who donate 2% of every purchase to environmental and humanitarian charities, told ON IN London.

“Surrounded by the deep chill and long nights of Scottish winters, we’ve learned to create and nurture warmth that comes from being together.

“That’s why our ethos has become Colsie, which is old Scots for ‘cosy’ and means the habit of embracing winter darkness and finding comfort and warmth in life’s simple pleasures.”

Tartan Blanket Co, it’s a yes from us.

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