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Body & Mind Botanicals

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending the virtual launch of Body & Mind Botanicals. What are they you ask? Well they are the most efficient and natural way to take CBD!

The company became fascinated with the concept and benefits of CBD oils and wanted a way to support people’s everyday holistic health so created the world’s first cannabis herbal tea and high quality chocolate.

The tea is cultivated in the Baltic region and is a blend of plant and seeds, which is naturally high in CBDa (the therapeutic constituent of cannabis) and naturally has zero THC (the psychoactive constituent).

To make CBD more accessible and easy to take the brains behind Body Mind Botanicals also created delicious high quality chocolate to allow users to take the product in a way which was more effective, delicious and conspicuous. Perfect for those who use CBD for anxiety… but didn’t want the stigma of using it at work. Half a drop of a chocolate button allowed for all the benefits and a minute of mindfulness.

Body Mind Botanicals were a new thing for me, I mean I’ve tried CBD in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages as they’re becoming all the rage these days. The chocolate and tea provided a new experience which left me relaxed and able to see the benefits of CBD in daily use.

See the list of available products below… and the best thing about them is they’re all really affordable!

Cannabis Infused Chocolate Advent Calendar

Body and Mind Botanicals’ Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Advent Calendar is a UK first. The calendar contains 24 exquisite truffles (Madagascar Vanilla, 71% Plain Dark and Marc Champagne) all infused with CBD! (RRP: £24.99.) This is certainly an adult take on the yearly advent calendar and we love it!

CBD Food Hamper

The Body and Mind Botanicals Cannabis Food Hamper is the perfect treat for a foodie and contains the brand’s award winning Organic Cannabis Tea, Organic Peppermint Tea, Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil, vegan Cannabis Infused Dark Chocolate Buttons (Plain Chocolate, Mint and Orange), Cannabis Montreal Steak Rub and Piri Piri Cannabis Seasoning (RRP: £34.99).

Ultimate CBD Hamper

For the ultimate Yuletide gift to spoil somebody special, this hamper contains Body and Mind Botanical’s award winning Organic Cannabis Tea, Organic Cannabis Loose Tea, Organic Peppermint Tea, Cold Pressed Cannabis Oil (300mg), Cannabis & Lavender Infused Bath Bomb and vegan Cannabis Infused 71% Dark Chocolate, Mint and Orange Bars (RRP: £69.99).

CBD Stocking Filler

This unique stocking filler is ideal to give to a friend or colleague for a secret Santa gift and includes the brand’s award winning, signature Organic Cannabis Tea and a delicious vegan Cannabis 71% Dark Chocolate Bar (RRP: £8.00). 

Body and Mind Botanicals Vegan Cannabis Chocolate Bars

Delicious Cannabis Chocolate bars that areVegan and Gluten-Free. Each hand-crafted, artisanal chocolate bar contains on average enough CBD per person for 12 days, and each bar is split into three squares – simply enjoy a quarter of a square each day.

The Chocolate Bars are available three varieties;

  • 71% Dark
  • 71% Mint Dark Chocolate
  • 56% Orange Dark Chocolate

Available from the Body & Mind Botanicals website (£6.99 per bar)

Body & Mind Botanicals’ CBD Tea

  • Organic Cannabis Tea (10 teabags/15g, £10.99) – Body and Mind Botanicals’ original infusion is a 100% certified organic, smooth and beautifully aromatic herbal tea with a clean and fresh taste profile. The product is delivered in individual biodegradable teabags for the perfect, fuss-free cup every time.
  • Organic Loose-Leaf Cannabis Tea(150g, £7.99) – A loose-leaf edition of the original blend, ideal for those who enjoy brewing their own.
  • Organic Cannabis & Peppermint Tea (10 teabags/20g, RRP: £11.99) – Body and Mind Botanicals’ original Organic Cannabis Tea is infused with peppermint for a refreshing and uplifting herbal brew which, with the addition of peppermint, delivers benefits such as alleviating bloating, supporting digestion and calming the symptoms of hay fever.

Unlike many brands that sell processed CBD products, Body and Mind Botanicals creates its organic  Cannabis Tea using the cannabis plant. This combination ensures that every serving contains a full spectrum of cannabinoids, the chemical compounds found in the plant, including both CBD and its most powerful, raw form: CBDa. These different cannabinoids work together in an ‘entourage effect’ to deliver the maximum health and wellbeing benefits.

Body and Mind Botanicals Vegan Cannabis Infused Chocolate Buttons

£9.99 bundle of 3 (or £3.99 each)

Body and Mind Botanicals’ delicious, handcrafted Chocolate buttons infused are with Organic Cold Pressed Cannabis Oil. Launching in three delicious SKUs, 71% Dark Chocolate, Mint Dark Chocolate and Orange Dark Chocolate, each pack of buttons is infused with 25mg of CBDa to deliver the inherent wellness benefits of legal cannabis.

The Body & Mind Botanicals handcraftedCannabis Dark Chocolate Buttons are a unique and thoughtful gift to send to friends and family, providing them with all the inherent, supportive wellness benefits of legal cannabis and they also make the perfect treat for individuals looking to practice self-care over the coming months. Our favourite is definitely the mint chocolate but my friend loved the chocolate orange!

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