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Edward James salon in Balham

Last month, celebrity hairdresser Edward James opened the doors to his third studio in Balham, there was an exciting launch party and when things died down I headed on over to have a look at the new salon and get a hair colour treatment. 

My hair needs a new colour treatment every 6 months or so, and to be honest, there have been numerous times when I’ve left a salon feeling deflated, because yet again, the cooler blond I requested came out as a warm orange blond instead… (dark hair ladies you may be able to emphasis)… would my hair stylist get it right at Edward James? 

I walked into the opulent and very chic looking salon and got myself signed in and seated, as I sat there with my English breakfast tea, I looked around and was very impressed with how beautiful the salon looked, there was a lot of attention to detail and it felt very inviting. My hair stylist Lauren introduced herself and we spoke of my hair colour desire. I emphasised on the colour I wanted and asked if she could do it… I have a blond balyalge currently and wanted the orange tones to be dyed a cooler blond. 

Lauren reassured me she could do it and gave me some insight as to why I had nothing to worry about… At The Edward James salon they use Aveda colour and the colours they used aren’t fixed, which means they get to mix as many colours as they want in order to get the perfect colour for their customer. Having heard this, I was delighted, I could see how passionate Lauren was when it came to mixing and creating the perfect colour, which left me feeling very reassured. This was a great start and I sat there comfortably reading a magazine. 

At the Edward James salon, you get to order off a drinks menu and they even offer you a head and shoulder massage before your stylist comes over to talk through your needs, pretty fancy huh! 

After a couple of hours we headed downstairs, where Lauren applied a toner, Lauren had noticed a reddish tint in my hair on the darker part of my hair which a previous hair stylist had applied. Lauren asked if she could put a different toner on that part and have it blend into the blond, I must say I was impressed by how much of a perfectionist Lauren was and how much she wanted to make sure I left the salon happy. She was very friendly and we chatted away about all sorts of things while I was there. 

After the blow dry (and I might add a pretty dam sexy blow-dry) I was over the moon at how my hair colour had come out, she was true to her word and the blond certainly came out a lot more cooler, bye bye orange blond! 

The salon currently has some great offers, which includes 30% off your first hair appointment if you are a new customer, have a look at their full offers here – 

If you do book in an appointment, ask for Lauren, believe me when I say you won’t be disappointed!  


Address: Edward James salon, 162 Balham High Rd, Balham, London SW12 9BW

Written by Nyla S.