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Fashion Forecast 2014: Its All Hair

At the start of the month we entered the New Year in a flurry of celebrations, resolutions and parties. Now a few weeks on, many of us have been struck down with the dreaded ‘back to work’ fever. Everything looks a little…..grey, so let’s destroy the January blues with our snazzy and bright New Year style!

It is time for Mystic Meg to dust off her crystal ball and gaze into our fashion futures. Pray tell us Meg, is the 2014 future bright?

“No my dear, it’s pastel”

But what does she know? She’s a 71 year old astrologer, let’s ask some REAL industry experts their opinion on what’s in store for 2014.

What better place to start than your Barnet. No not High Barnet, we’re not hopping on the bus to North London, it’s hair time!



Luckily for us, we pinned down Angelo Seminara 3x British hairdresser of the year and top stylist at the Streeters agency, he has taken time from his busy schedule to look back with us into 2013, and reveal where his creativity is leading him this coming year.

‘One of your big projects in 2013 was the Davines ‘Mother of Pearl’ collection, can you give us an overview of the project?’

Mother of Pearl was a really classical collection. The hair colouring consisted of subtle blends with flashes of illumination, the cuts were soft and feminine.

“Did this reflect 2013 for you?”

Yes, I am usually quite Avant Garde, however this collection was more simplistic and pure. 2013 was about being versatile and attainable, wearable for everyone yet still unique.

Mother of Pearl

“What do you do for inspiration?”

Much of my inspiration comes from nature, most of my ideas evolve from the world around us. Anything from wildlife to the femininity of women, I am quite unique as I then transpose these ideas into my work.

Glowing hair

“Are there any style tips you can give us?”

A hairstyle isn’t just a cut, it’s a combination of colour, cut and texture. It depends on your face shape, skin colour, hair type….

“How about…..square face, fine blonde hair, yellow skin undertone, and looking for something ‘a bit different’ *massive hint*”

I’d suggest a sharp box bob, maybe light roots darker ends if you’re looking for something a little unconventional.

“So where is Angelo Seminara’s creativity heading this year?”

For Autumn/Winter we are promoting our ‘Woodland’ collection incorporating earthy and natural tones. However in Spring/Summer there will be quite a change, we are launching ‘Slick Swan’ which will be much more graphic. Think strong colour, geometric shapes with an 80’s feel about it”

Avant Garde hair Angelo

With cuts like this under his belt, and cliental including the likes of Suki Waterhouse (Bradley Coopers gf), I think we can expect exciting things this year from Mr. Seminara!

Angelo has a jam packed schedule ahead of him, starting with Prada and Gucci this month he is then off to find inspiration in South America. Check out more of his work at:

Website /


Jane Stacey 1

Toni&Guys London Academy International Director Jane Stacey divulges her style, why this year T&G are keeping us in suspense with their cards close to their chest and how she takes a time out from the fast paced fashion industry.

“When working on something creative, where do you get your inspiration from?

Inspiration comes from all different sources…my last inspiration came from the catwalk and the ‘it girls’ of today, working with colours from the latest fabrics to the undone hair of the ‘it girls’ such at Cara Delevingne last season it’s was all about the structure and lines within architecture and moody colours from an artist exhibition

“Your three standard fashion must haves”

Great pair of sunglasses, high boots, Sexy jeans

“Did you see any celebs this year whose style was pretty cool?”

Olivia Palermo is my favourite best dressed who I feel always looks cool….

“How do you see spring/summer looking this year?”

COLOURFUL….lots of patterns and texture lots of colour

“Can you predict THE hairstyle of 2014?”

With so many individuals….it will depend on the TYPE of style each group is in?? I do think pastels into groomed hair will be around a little longer, but I’m thinking accentuated panels in the fringe area more NATURAL tones of colour but still coloured hair will be in….colour my hair natural….!!!!

“Your most exciting piece of work to date? Or a piece you were really passionate about?”

I have an image I did for the British Hairdressing Awards, called it the “Bell” and its tones of silver, soft gold/coppers/and brunette….

“It was T&G’s 50th anniversary show in 2013, which was a biggie! How do you guys plan to keep that momentum going in 2014?”

Ahh that would be telling…BUT it’s going to be big!!! Working on it already.

“Haha okay, I’ll try a different tact! Are you working on any projects at the moment?”

We are about to start shooting our Classic Collection we release every 6-7 years, it’s a big big job and we are also about to start inspiration and shoot for our 2014 creative collection! We always have something on the go. Always exciting.

Jane Stacey 2

“The industry is a pretty full on place, how do you take a time out”

Breakfast on the weekends are my favourite part of my week, single shot cafe latte, poached eggs with chilly avocado potato hash and sour dough toast and the crappy tabloid paper……BLISS!

Twitter: @Hair_Wardrobe / @toniandguyUK / @ToniGuy_Academy


There we have it, a little reminisce on 2013 and insight into 2014 from our hair boffs

The general consensus is sharp cuts for 2014, blunt and slick. Strong colour, but not outrageous. I can’t wait to see how this pans out!

Stayed turned for Part II, where we interview some fashion experts about dressing on trend for this coming year.

Written by Aspen Glencross

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