Faux Pas


I bumped into someone I had not seen in years this weekend. I was reminded of the last time I saw her which was twelve years ago on my gap year in Florence. She was a lovely girl called Lucy who was sharing a flat with a beautiful girl also called Lucy . The beautiful Lucy acquired the nick name ‘Pretty Lucy’ and the other just remained Lucy to make it easier when speaking about them. One night (‘Normal’) Lucy came in to a bar where I was having a drink and when I asked what she was doing there she said she had come ‘to have dinner with Lucy.’ I was tired and tipsy and excited I might see pretty Lucy and I said:

“Oh Pretty Lucy?!”

“What?” She asked. Oh shit, I realised. This is normal Lucy, I’m speaking to.

“Um, you’re also pretty, Lucy, I said.”

“It’s okay, I know she’s pretty. Don’t worry about it.” She said and walked up to find Pretty Lucy. I felt aweful. It served me right for being so shallow as to label people by their looks, but I was only 18 at the time. Still, I always cringe when I remember that and even ten years later bumping into her I was still so embarrassed and couldn’t help but think that she was still also remembering me refering to the pretty Lucy and implying that she herself was not pretty. Painful. What are your worst Faux Pas’? Please feel free to write below!