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Festival Eyes Fashion Launch Party

As I write this review I’m ironically en route to a festival holiday set in Croatia – the excitement and anticipation is unreal. What better way to get into the true festival fashion spirit than to view iconic and beautiful pieces from pop up store Festival Eyes; based in Shoreditch’ very own Boxpark.


Boxpark mainly consists of mini pop up stores from Calvin Klein to Nike, with a combination of bars and mini restaurants on the higher level. I’ve never heard boxpark sound so loud and pumping! The launch party was full of party goers that knew how to enjoy themselves – even on a

I’m in love with festival eyes and their gems of pieces, from colourfully designed peacock leggings, to welly boots complimented with a feather fringe, I then realised that this is what makes London and its festivals so great – people are never afraid or shy to express themselves through appearance; it’s a time to enjoy, dance and let loose!

Perfect representation of such an upbeat, friendly and colourful venue! From the two six foot tall men I saw in 6 inch heels and bright leggings, to the DJ playing great tunes and grooves. I had a great time. I’m gutted I won’t be at love box! But festival eyes certainly won’t have a problem in getting plenty of buyers looking to get glammed up from head to toe!

I really look forward to putting the stick on metallic body art designs on me to sport with my bikini whilst living the festival life in Croatia.

Silver Grace Hoody and Rare Print Tapered Trousers

I had a blast, and if anything it’s inspired me to never be too afraid to go the extra mile in looking super duper ‘fly’, when going to such fun filled festivals.

Thanks for a fantastic night! X

Written by Hannah Ajala
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