With 2021 now the year to celebrate our new found freedom, Brothers Cider has launched two lip-smackingly delicious new flavours to their range.

We were sent some to sample and were quite impressed! Brothers Pink Grapefruit delivers a sweet citrus edge with a zesty burst of flavour and is a gorgeous pink colour which is very on trend.  It went down a treat for sure.

The sweeter Honeycomb combines a tantalising mix of unique honey flavours. This one was a tad too sweet for me but my housemate loved it and said it gave her memories of  Butterbeer.

Both of these new additions to the Brothers range of premium and curiously original ciders are gluten free and vegan friendly.

Our favourite tho use was definitely the Cloudy Lemon. We are glad Brothers listened to the fans to #bringitback. This cider is a delicious blend of natural lemon flavours delivering a refreshing, natural and crisp taste. Perfect for hot summer days as it is very refreshing!

These new additions and returning familiar favourite are best served chilled over ice, either at home and in the garden. We are hopeful though they’ll be at festivals and events as things are starting to open up.

Nicola Randall, Senior Marketing Manager at Brothers commented: “Our loyal customers have spoken and we answered, with these new additions to our flavoursome range and the much-anticipated return of Cloudy Lemon. We know cider drinkers are looking for exciting flavours and Pink Grapefruit and Honeycomb, perfectly complement the curious mix within our portfolio. We’re looking ahead with great hope that the summer ahead will be full of flavour and fun and will be sure to bring some festival spirit to the public, so watch this space.”

We loved the new range and can’t wait to drink more Brother’s Ciders this summer.

For all those curious cider drinkers, the new Brothers flavours are available at Brothers’ online shop.