FireActiv Review

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Whether we like to admit it or not, training regularly in a bid to keep fit and active can take its toll on one’s body which in turn leaves us exposed to picking up potential injuries, aches and pains that, despite our efforts to cure them, just never seem to go away! For some of us, that dull ache or dodgy joint has become a way of life, something that we put up with for lack of a suitable alternative. But what if I was to tell you there could be a solution in the form of FireActiv… a unique natural and non-invasive thermal support technology that harnesses the power of heat, specifically our own body heat, to aid recovery and offer pain relief.


 What Is FireActiv? 

In a nutshell, FireActiv is a secure joint and muscle support which comes with deep-heat generating pads. Special bio-ceramic heat reflective particles are fused in to the fibres of the heat pads which, when placed on the skin, radiate heat back in to the body. This totally natural process is called ‘long-wave infrared radiation’ and has the effect of dilating the blood vessels which in turn increases blood and oxygen circulation in the localised area.


Fireactiv – A Breakdown of How It Works


Believe it or not, no batteries, wires or microwaving are required which is a great selling point for me as the heat utilised is that of which is naturally produced by our own body! Each support comes with a choice of heat pads to use and each pack contains 1 x red and 1 x white.

The red pad delivers intense deep heat for fast pain relief and is therefore typically used for shorter periods of time whilst the white pad has a lower concentration of the bio-ceramic particles and therefore offers a more subtle heat, suitable for extended periods of time.

Ideally the pads should not be worn during physical exercise, but having had a thorough read through FireActiv’s website, it is advised that the white pad can be worn during gentle physical activity, such as playing golf or walking.

Areas For Use

The FireActiv supports have been designed for seven different parts of the body including the neck, back, shoulder, wrist, elbow, knee and ankle. These washable pads be used as an aid to back pain, joint pain, sprains, stiff muscles, injuries to deep tissue, arthritis, rheumatism and tendonitis.

My Thoughts on FireActiv Neck


I was fortunate enough to have tested the Neck Support pads over the past month or so. This might seem like a long duration to come to a conclusion but like all of my reviews here on This Woman’s Word (especially those with bold claims or skincare products) I need to be sure they meet my expectations and are investment worthy before recommending them to you beautiful people.

I’m not sure about you, but whenever I have taken part in an intense workout, my upper body, in particular at the top of my spine just below my neck and shoulder blade area are always riddled with knots and niggles that causes a great deal of discomfort at times. Having used the FireActiv (red pad) straight after high intensity sessions (3x’s a week) has greatly reduced the sore and stiffness usually experienced and have also been known to wear the white pad around the house for 4 hour duration’s if I wanted to treat the area with subtle heat. The heat can be felt almost instantly when put on / around the affected area does a great job at soothing my achy muscles.

I have a pretty small neck and was initially worried that the neck support would be too small for me, but was pleasantly surprised when I learned the velcro strap can go past the velcro strip and firmly stick to the fabric itself.


Speaking from my own experience, FireActiv is a totally natural, safe and easy to use alternative to over the counter and prescribed medications, pain relief pills and sprays which are usually loaded with other nasties and chemicals I do not want being absorbed into my skin!

I have NEVER been a fan of taking medication at the first signs of feeling pain or sickness for that matter as I prefer to let my body heal itself naturally. It is great to come across a product on the market that treats muscle soreness, sprains and pains NATURALLY. As our body heat provides an infinitely reusable source of heat, the products can be used over and over again, gets a big thumbs up from me and would recommend giving these natural try if you too have being experiencing recurring pain, soreness, muscle or joint pain.

The FireActiv Neck Support is currently priced at £24.95 when brought directly from FireActiv. Other products including their knee, wrist, shoulder and back support can also be purchase via the FireActiv website (prices start from £19.95)

This piece was written by Danielle Watson, a 1st Dan kickboxing coach, health, fitness, green beauty and lifestyle writer who can be found sharing her thoughts over at her blog site She can also be found tweeting under twitter handle @thiswomansword