Gumbo Galley Vegetarian Supperclub

One of my great joys when working with ONIN London is range of fantastically passionate Londoners we meet. From cooks to artists, scientists to entrepreneurs. London is a hive of activity and a mixing pot of creativity. I love her with all my heart!

Nat gumboWhen chef Nataleigh, leading lady at Gumbo Galley vegetarian supperclub, invited the ONIN team down, It was with great pleasure pootled along with my veggie housemate in tow!

Situted 10 mins from Oxford street we were greeted warmly by our host into the most beautiful town house that she had “borrowed” from a friend for the night. ONIN would like to know where such friends are found. We were informed the supper was to be held in the basement, and a walkway of candles illuminated our path. As we headed down our fellow supperclubbers were already mingling, sipping on Nataleigh’s delightfully summery Hurricane cocktail (a sweet orangey beastie), and we eager joined them.

Nataleigh emerged from the kitchen after a short while to give us a breakdown of the evening. We were being treated to a 5 course, New Orleans, vegetarian extraordinaire. My friends and I’s tastebuds began to tingle!

Aspen’s highlights

“I loved the attention to detail. From the imitation bacon created using dried coconut, to the spicy New Orleans hot sauce laced with coffee. Each dish contained separate components that brought its constituents together as one.

Crispy yet creamy buttermilk biscuits and herby buttery cornbread, when teamed with a spiced pumpkin butter and chilli jam (among other delights) equaled melt in your mouth brilliance.

Biscuits and cornbread

For my super sweet tooth the pecan pie pud was a corker. Crunchy pastry filled with sweet gooey pecans and topped with cream. The prefect finale to a fine vegetarian feast.”


Rowenas comments

“The starter of vegetarian Gumbo was a strong place to begin. Nataleigh revealed that she started Gumbo Galley to bring to London a taste of New Orlean’s she felt was missing from London. I am happy to concede that cuisine from this part of the world has been missing from my life for far too long. The gumbo was dark and rich, and with the addition of Gumbo Galleys own hot sauce provided a tasty beginning.

Gumbo Galley pepper jelly

The coconut “BLT” salad was innovative and interesting. As a vegetarian for over 20 years it was unusual to be excited by a salad! My favourite course of the meal was the creamy grits accompanied by “red-eye” sauce. The heat of the chilli mingled with the coffee in the sauce and complimented the grits, which were so much smoother than I had ever imagined from the name.

Eating out as a vegetarian can often mean feeling somewhat disappointed at the lack of range or imagination on offer, even when visiting exclusively vegetarian restaurants. Gumbo Galley Supperclub has brought something new to the table. The intimate but friendly environment combined with imaginative and unusual cooking made for a brilliant evening, and I left feeling more than content with the food and experience.”

Stay tuned for Nataleighs next adventures, we feel the winds a-changing…………….


Twitter: @GumboGalley


Reporters: Perch Studios Dream Team (aka Aspen & Rowena)