Kay Harrington (51), could never have foreseen how a new hobby would change her life in 2022 and be the start of a unique creative business that is now flourishing…

Kay’s art for sale and on display in the 5* Nici Hotel, Bournemouth – Photo Credit: SMASH:CREATIVE

What made you start creating art?

I have always been artistic. I have a degree in music, and I’ve sewn, made jewellery, upcycled furniture and done a bit of very basic oil painting but in January 2022, I was invited to join my friend on a 3 hour fluid art course. It had been booked months and months earlier but been postponed, and in all honesty, I’d forgotten what I was really doing or what it was about. So, I just turned up in my old clothes and had a go. I absolutely loved it and was completely hooked!

Before Fluid Art… were there other art mediums you explored? 

I had done a bit of abstract work with oil years before to create a few pieces that matched my own homes colour scheme but, with not being great at art at school, it wasn’t something that I had explored much.

Saturn, 40cm stretched canvas heart, £65

What is the best piece of advice your received as an artist? 

I was producing small pieces that were beautiful but, when I showed my mum, she was shocked at how little they were and told me that they would be far more effective and impactful if they were huge. She said, “Tbh Kay, go big or go home! So, that was what I did! I have no regrets and now do my hearts and then large pieces, unless it’s a commission piece and then the client gets to choose.

Volcanic Explosion, 120cm x 100cm, £495
When is your favourite time of day to create? What motivates you to create?

I love working when the sun is shining through the windows in the afternoon and early evening. Obviouslyin the winter months that changes a little and I tend to work in the evening. I have some good lighting in my studio and with a podcast on, I’m as happy as can be!

The sea and nature often motivates me as I swim in the sea most mornings, first thing. However, during dark and bleak winter days I’m incredibly motivated and inspired to create some colour in life and my work this winter has been really vibrant and makes me smile. I hope it can do that for others too, as that is why I make art… For others to enjoy.

Change of Heart, 150cm x 100cm, £495
Does art help you in other areas of your life?

I’m a hypnotherapist and therapist so fluid acrylic art is my form of therapy for me! It helps me switch off and brings out my creative side which is very healing and a powerful process. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not all roses… things go wrong and don’t turn out the way you wanted etc, but that has all been a learning for me too. It’s made me a better person and for that I will always be very grateful.