Gibson’s Goodolgy review – Share a liquid hug this Valentines Day

Love is in the air but if you are separated from your loved ones or feeling the Valentine’s days blues don’t drown your sorrows, instead lift your spirits and send a liquid hug to loved ones or to yourself; as there is nothing more important than practicing self love. Goodology believes in the power of CBD to restore the body’s natural harmony, promote focus, positivity and relaxation.

An emerging player in the wellness market, award winning Gibson’s Goodology’s CBD infused sparkling teas comes in three unique flavours, expertly crafted by award-winning mixologist Oskar Kinberg and renowned tea expert Stefan Gieschke. Made with just five natural ingredients: fruit, agave, lemon juice, quality immune boosting teas and triple-lab tested high quality CBD isolate at 25mg. Palate-pleasing, vegan friendly and boasting therapeutic benefits. What’s not to love?

Enduring a lonely lockdown, I looked forward to receiving my liquid hug. It arrived well packaged and unwrapping revealed a beautifully presented recyclable gift box tied in string with a gift tag attached. Inside was scattered dried aromatic rose petals, exuding romance and for someone who loves scented flowers, offering a warm welcoming aroma of positivity.

The brand label design is a sleek and simple, beige coloured tins with abstract coloured designs that represent the fruity infusions blueberry, passion fruit and rhubarb each labeled with affirmations of Pure ‘Love, Harmony and Joy’. The taster pack contains one of each of the three original flavours, Blueberry and Shiso Tea, Passion fruit and Green Tea, and Rhubarb and Jasmine Tea. Having never tried CBD infused beverages, I decided to try one a day, first experiencing ‘Pure Love ’.

A distinct deep purple colour and intensely aromatic, combining delicate flavour profiles that pair well together. Made with shiso tea and blueberry puree the very subtle herbaceous and zesty notes, help to balance out the naturally sweet blueberry. Fresh, fruity and perfect for your sweet tooth, and a nice alternative to artificial sweetened soft drinks. Better still to replace the occasional glass of red wine.

I followed this with ‘Pure Joy’. I have to say the name is appropriate, my favourite fruity infusion of the three. A burst of green tea infused with passion fruit, beautifully fragrant and aromatic tropical notes, a very subtle tang; a marriage made in heaven. Fresh with just an underlying sweetness it’s golden hue whisking me away for a brief moment to the tropics.

Day three I experienced ‘Pure Harmony’, a light floral jasmine tea infused with rhubarb. Delicate flavours, lightly sweetened with a subtle tartness from the rhubarb juice. I found the bitterness of the tea was more distinct than the others and lingered on the palate leaving a slight after taste. A tantalising twist, jasmine tea lovers will enjoy.

Overall, a palette pleasing experience and interesting flavour combinations, perfect if like myself, you are embarking on a wellness journey. For Valentines Day share a liquid hug and spread some warmth and happiness with a personalised note.

Priced at £14.99 available in mixed and single flavour gift packs.

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Written by: Eboni Addoh