Gin Mare Review

I’m sure we all wish we were on a beach in an exotic location and drinking alcoholic beverages rather than being in sweltering London. While we can’t physically take you to the Mediterranean (as much as we wish we could) we can help your tastebuds move to the Mediterranean

Gin Mare takes its name and design from the Mediterranean. In fact, Gin Mare actually means sea. The bottle is a light blue hue with a white floral image reminiscent of coral. The curve at the base of the bottle conjures up an image of a wave.

Botanicals from the Mediterranean region are used to create the unique Gin Mare blend. These include Arbequina olives, thyme, rosemary and basil. With this combination it’s no surprise it is a zesty, herbal notes easy drinking dry gin. Gin Mare is marketed as having distilled, bottled and exported the essence of the Mediterranean.

Gin Mare is best served with lots of ice, quality tonic water and a small garnish of rosemary, orange peel or basil to enhance the flavours. For something a little more summery, try Gin Mare’s Lavender Lemonade. This refreshing concoction is made using 50ml of Gin Mare, 30ml of Pimms, 25ml lavender syrup and topped with lemonade.

Gin Mare is available at a number of outlets in the UK. So there’s no excuse why you can’t splash into the Mediterranean this summer.




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Written by Caitlin Neal