Party, Party, Party Game by Orchard Toys

Party, Party, Party Game by Orchard Toys

When you work all week it’s important to try and spend the spare time with the children. This doesn’t always work out like that, often housework or other dull things get in the way but when the weather is naff there’s only one thing to do and that’s play a board game.

Luckily for the girls Santa was very kind to them and brought them a new game called Party, Party Party! from Orchard Toys who really make great children’s games and puzzles.

Party Party Party Game Orchard Toys

Party, Party, Party is a simple game where you have to move around the board collecting items and a present to take to the party. The first person to collect five items and a present and make it to the party is the winner. Along the way you have spaces which include having to put a present back and the danger of other players calling you meaning you have to put an item back.

The game is aimed at children aged 5 – 9 years old but Mia is 3 and she also really enjoyed it. As long as they can read the dice and count then I think they will enjoy it. The game doesn’t go on too long which is a bonus, longer games in this house tend not to work as they girls fail to hold their attention for too long.

This is a great game for us to let Aly who’s 6 to play with her friends and we know they won’t run into too much trouble.

Party, Party, Party game is available for £11.75 from

By Darren Coleshill