GINTESSENTIAL At Morton’s Review

“Wake me up when September ends” are the lyrics of a famous Greenday song. But you’ll definitely want to be awake this September for the exclusive gin residence, GINTESSENTIAL. This event is a joint venture with Berkeley Square Gin and private Mayfair club, Morton’s.

Berkeley Square Gin is an ultra-premium London Dry Gin. Each serve enhances the smooth flavour resulting from the bouquet garni techniques used in its production. This technique sees the four ingredients- kaffir lime leaves, lavender, sage and peppery basil – hand-wrapped in a muslin cloth and submerged into the liquid as it distils. This preserves the essential herbal oils, creating a gin of such smoothness, it can be enjoyed neat.

The special GINTESSENTIAL menu was co-created by Berkeley Square Gin and Morton’s head bartender, Constantino Armocida. A selection of four gin cocktails illustrates the versatility of London’s favourite spirit, with each designed to show off the smooth and refined taste of Berkeley Square Gin.

Our first taste of this fabulous gin was the Berkeley Square Gin Martini made with Lillet Blanc and basil. This was very strong but had a slight floral taste. Accompanying this was caviar. We were reluctant to try it at first, but when we did we soon realised it wasn’t as bad as our imaginations had led us to believe. After letting the eggs melt on our mouth we were advised to have a sip of the cocktail as the floral notes provided another burst of flavours.

By far our most favourite cocktail of the evening was The Nightingale. As sweet as the name suggests, it combines Berkeley Square Gin, Lillet rose, lime juice and hibiscus syrup. A pink colouring, loads of crushed ice and a hibiscus flower assisted with the floral tones of the drink.

The Le Mans Negroni was made using Berkeley Square Gin, Antica Formula Vermouth, Aperol and Amaro Averna. Unfortunately, for ourselves and others we spoke to this was our least favourite drink.

The Benji the Bentley Boy is made using Berkeley Square Gin, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc, lemon juice and a dash of Absinthe. This was a good drink to sip on slowly.

Tailor-made canapés will be served alongside the GINTESSENTIAL menu. These have been crafted to perfectly complement the herbaceous flavours of Berkeley Square Gin for an all-round experience to remember. Along with caviar, there were little goats cheese with rye bread balls.

Morton’s, the the stunning and prestigious Mayfair members’ club, is a wonderful location oozing elegance. Here the ground floor bar has been transformed into a sleek botanical Mayfair haven, overlooking the prominent Berkeley Square. We were instantly transported to an era of refined elegance and style.

GINTESSENTIAL runs from 5th to 28th September. It is open to both club members and non-club members. If your perfect evening involves Bespoke cocktails and elegant serves created by one of the world’s most refined gins then you won’t want to miss GINTESSENTIAL this September.

Timings: Monday to Friday: 5.30pmonwards

Address: Morton’s Club, 28 Berkeley Square, Mayfair, London W1J 6EN


Twitter: @bsqgin

Instagram: @bsqgin



Written by Caitlin Neal