Green Papaya Food Review

Food review

I had heard so many times that there was a great Vietnamese restaurant in Hackney, so boy was I happy to find out it was called “Green Papaya” and it was right on my doorstep!

I thought for the sake of all those needing somewhere nice to eat I would indulge in a few dishes off the menu.

I had:

Satay chicken
Spicy lamb
Spring rolls
Steamed rice

Green Papaya 3

A lot of food I know! But someone had to do it for all us foodies out there! Boy oh boy did I enjoy those dishes.

To cut a long story short, the food was made to perfection. The flavours were strong and the meat was succulent. I enjoyed everything! Even the little chocolate orange that was given to me with the bill. Lol

I would give them 5/5 for the food. It’s a definite place to go and eat in Hackney. Go team “local food”.

Green Papaya

Terri Martin