Heliot Steak At The Hippodrome Casino Review

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Heliot Steak House has released a new digital detox for dining challenge in the form of ‘No Tech Tuesdays’. The Hippodrome Casino is a venue, I’ve visited before but I’ve never dined at the Heliot Steak House so we were excited to try this challenge out. The Heliot Steak House want you to get back to  ‘good old conversation’ during dinner. So they’re giving guests the choice of forgoing their electronic devices for the duration of the meal and those who succeed will be awarded with 20% off the total bill. This phone detox will be available for diners every Tuesday from 5pm and to participate in the challenge, all devices must be put in the middle of the table in a sealed bag before ordering. The bag can be opened anytime during the meal, but for those who can conquer the challenge will be rewarded with a discount on all food and drink ordered. Sounds like a pretty good idea as I know personally I’m glued to my phone and if you don’t take a picture of food to put it on Instagram? Did you really eat it?

Hippodrome Casino owner Simon Thomas said: “No-Tech Tuesdays is a bit of fun which flies in the face of everyone’s desire to keep a constant record of their lives on social media. “We love the blogs, the tweets and the plaudits from all over social media but for one evening a week we’re gently challenging diners to put their phones away, just for the length of their meal, to savour the whole experience of dining at Heliot. Overlooking the main casino floor, it’s a unique experience like no other if you’re dining out in central London.”

No Tech Tuesday-15

I’m just going to say it outright, we failed No Tech Tuesdays. We both had friends to message and I was still working. So as usual we did what we normally do when we catch up, eat, drink, talk and play on our phones. We can both multi-task with the best of them.

The food was amazing though, with USDA Fillet cooked Medium Well with Scallop and Prawns and a Rib Eye for my friend… we were suitably impressed. To complement our meal we had the Millionaire’s Mac & Cheese with a poached duck egg and black truffle, green beans and french fries with Oregano Salt. First off the steaks were cooked exactly to our liking so there was no having to go back and ask for my steak to be cooked a little longer. Yes I am that person and I know I can hear you all telling me that’s not how a steak should be cooked.

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Instead of desserts we opted for a Bailey’s Hot Chocolate and an alcoholic Iced Coffee. Both hit the spot and were the perfect ending to an absolutely fabulous meal. Even though we didn’t complete No Tech Tuesday, it was a reminder on how much I rely on my phone. So next time I’m out to dinner I will be taking my obligatory photo of my meal and putting my phone away until after dinner. To book a table for dinner at Heliot Steak House email [email protected] or call 0207 769 8844.


Address: Cranbourn Street

Leicester Square


United Kingdom





Written by Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1