Silent Pool Gin’s Intricately Realised Series: Blenheim Forge Review

IMG_8381For long time readers, you’ll know we’re fans of Silent Pool Gin. Now the brand has created a unique series of events which are as Intricately Realised as the gin itself. Silent Pool Gin values itself on its excellence, personality and distinctiveness and has now partnered with producers and brands that share those same values to bring us these events.

OnIn.London visited the first event in the ‘Intricately Realised’ series on Thursday at Blenheim Forge in Peckham. This was definitely a rare venue to find myself in on an evening out. It wasn’t a fancy restaurant, it was a forge, a workshop where kitchen knives are designed and made. It all made sense as the night wore on; Silent Pool Gin had asked Blenheim Forge to create a bespoke paring knife which could be used to slice a piece of orange peel for the perfect gin and tonic.

Getting to see the workshop where this knife was created was pretty impressive. Hearing from the creative team behind Blenheim Forge on how they created this knife was also interesting. They generally make kitchen knives so this was something a bit new and different for them. See this awesome video for a bit more insite into the creation of the knife.

We enjoyed delicious canapés from Chef Ronnie Murray, but the highlight of the event was Stu Bale, Head of Innovation at Silent Pool Distillers. He provided what seemed like a never ending flow of Gin and Tonics and Blenheim Cocktail. This cocktail was inspired by the heat, smoke and fire from the Blenheim forge and was something very different to the sweet cocktails I’m used to. The recipe consists of 50ml of Silent Pool Gin, 25ml of Lapsang Cordial and 2 Dashes of Octomore (a smoky whiskey). It was really lovely but it was those Gin and Tonics that were extra special.

After the event ended I was provided with a gift bag which included a Blenheim Forge paring knife of my very own. I’m excited to see what’s happening next in the series of Intricately Realised events.



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Written by Tegan LeBon

Twitter and Instagram: @toogs1