Yoga on Madison Rooftop Terrace Review

I’ve been to Madison a few times and that lift to the rooftop always gives me such a rush. Shooting upwards, staring at one of London’s most iconic buildings, it always gives me that ‘God I love my City’ kind of feeling. Stepping out of the lift onto the rooftop, the juxtaposition between the yogi’s setting up their mat’s and the outline of St Pauls Cathedral behind them was something truly surreal.

Called over and welcomed into the group by our teacher Sophie (of Sophie’s fitness), we instantly felt welcomed into the group. It was early, and windy and all around cold. The first class of the year, we hadn’t come on the best day for it. As soon as we started moving I instantly started warming up. Starting with some cat cows before moving into our sun salutations, it wasn’t long before I began to strip off, first removing my socks then pulling off my jumper. Despite having been a keen yoga goer for many years, I still often find myself struggling to follow new teacher’s instructions, with each one having their own unique style and use of words. Sophie was great, she was clear and concise throughout, to the point that my housemate who is new to the practice found her extremely easy to follow.

There was a strong wind in the air but as we began to heat up this was soon welcome. Moving into warrior stances, the fierce wind started to feel empowering. Something about being stood on a rooftop high up in Central London in the early hours of the morning, not giving a shit about the furious wind whipping around you makes you feel truly badass. As Sophie slowed us down from our heated sun salutations to move into a standing pose, tree pose, my point of focus was a window in St Pauls. Now this felt truly amazing. I felt a rush of emotion.

As we started nearing the end of the class and the sun started to break through the clouds. It felt like the day was truly beginning. We joked about how it, of course, would shine through right at the end, but I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way, passing through the elements before breaking into what felt like a totally new day as we reached time for shavasana. After what felt like a much deserved rest, we opened our eyes from shavasana, thanked by Sophie for sharing our practice with her, joining together for a photo and boomerang in front of St Pauls and saying good by to our awesome teacher and other yogi’s.

Walking to work together, my housemate and I couldn’t stop talking about how amazing it all was and how we couldn’t wait to come back. A truly magical experience, I would strongly urge anyone to give yoga on Madison’s Rooftop Terrace a go. Whether you are die hard yogi or a total beginner, the awesome teachers and unreal setting make for an unforgettable practice.

Classes £13, for more information click here.
Address: Madison Restaurant, Rooftop Terrace One New Change, London EC4M 9AF

Written by Jordan Crowley