Hendrick’s Orbium Event At Harvey Nichols

Hendrick’s newest taste expression, Orbium is now at Harvey Nichols stores and online nationally. For one to truly comprehend the essence of Orbium, this peculiar elixir is best studied in an otherworldly environment. It is for this reason that Hendrick’s has teamed up with Bompas and Parr to invite the bravest of explorers to Step into the World of Orbium.

This will take place in the form of a two-week immersive sensory excursion at Harvey Nichols, Knightsbridge. From the 16th – 30th of October, guests will be transported into a Hendrick’s world of warped proportions and earthly delights and invited into the Orbium universe, unlocked behind a secret door. By passing through foliage and fog in the Tunnel of Transition, travelers will find themselves in a space reclaimed by nature, at its heart the Tree of Life, where the story of Orbium will unfold. To make the journey less perilous, a passport will guide travellers through their taste exploration.

There will be one of three delightful cocktails to available to try during your experience, though we recommend the Martinez. It was our favourite.

Hendrick’s Orbium is instilled with extracts of Quinine, Wormwood and the mysterious Blue Lotus Blossom, and has an oddly exquisite flavour that sits roundly on the palate; it is how one might imagine Hendrick’s to taste in an alternate universe.

We attended the immersive experience on the 15th of October and were extremely impressed. It’s why we were excited to bring you the full Orbium Gin Review in the near future. The best thing about this experience is that the truly exciting Orbium expedition are free. It’s time to experience Orbium yourself in this wonderful experience.

Tickets can be reserved from:

Orbium will be available at Harvey Nichols bars nationally and for purchase for £47.